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Two Minors Killed As Overloaded Honda Fit Vehicles Collide

Two Minors Killed As Overloaded Honda Fit Vehicles Collide

In what appears to be greed and recklessness on the part of Mushikashika drivers, two Honda Fit vehicles, carrying a combined 17 passengers, were involved in a head-on collision along Ruwazi–Igava Road, Marondera on Monday, 23 January.

Police said one of the vehicles was carrying 8 passengers while the other one was carrying 9 passengers when the accident occurred yesterday afternoon.

Posting on their official Twitter account, police said two people died on the spot following the accident while several other passengers were injured. Police said:

The ZRP reports a fatal road traffic accident that occurred on 23/01/23 at the 4km peg along Ruwazi–Igava Road, Marondera, where two people died on the spot while 15 others were injured when a Honda Fit vehicle with eight passengers on board was involved in a head-on collision with another Honda Fit vehicle with nine passengers on board.

The bodies of the victims were taken to Marondera Provincial Hospital mortuary for post-mortem whilst the injured were admitted at the same hospital.

Police in Mashonaland East Province have released the names of the two people who died in the accident.

ZRP spokesperson in Mashonaland East Province Inspector Simon Chazovachiyi identified the deceased as Akisha Madziwa (6), from Yellow City, and Ashy James (13) also from Yellow City in Marondera.

Inspector Chazovachiyi said the two died on the spot after sustaining head injuries.

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4 days ago

a combined passengers of 15 when one is carrying 8 and the other 9...... Anyway RIP to the deceased and get well soon to the injured ones..... Only if 8+9=15

** 4 days ago

2 drivers 15 passengers

4 days ago

Are we reading different articles? This article says one was carrrying 8 passengers and the other one was carrying 9 Two passengers died on the spot while 15 were injured Where are you getting the 15 from?

PVC 4 days ago

don't rush to comment please

Vekuye kuye 3 days ago

Article clearly says 17 zve 15 zvava zvemumusoro make izvo

Mabusi 3 days ago

What are you trying to say nhai shamwari,mota dzese were overloaded,how come anotakura vanhu 8,which means 2 pamberi,4 paback seat vamwe 2 kuboot ka,ko we 9 passengers uyo,3 kumberi

Marondera Resident 4 days ago

Ndanzwa kuti number yevana vashaya so far yave 7. so sad,may their souls rest in peace.

pk 4 days ago

wanzwa nani

4 days ago

Wozodii @pk kana wanzwa kuti anzwa nani?

Tintin 4 days ago

they won't be counting the drivers...nhaiwe bharanzi

4 days ago

Pakanzi 8 passengers and 9 passengers hapana kunzi including drivers.

Chitova 4 days ago

Ndiwe bharanzi iwewe, wamboona pakanzi including drivers?

Tintin 4 days ago

they don't need to say that...that's how the police count officially...they don't include the drivers...sit down mabharanzi...and learn from your elders🥱🥱🥱

Vaye vaye 3 days ago

9 + 8 = 17. The story also says a combined 17 passengers. 15 hameno atorwepi

NHUBU 4 days ago

but pamwe pacho vanhu ndisu tine problem why tichikwira mota yakazara kudaro

o'brien 4 days ago

yakazara ndiyo inenge ichienda

4 days ago

Chazovechii ichi?

JJ 4 days ago


@ZRP 4 days ago

Just for $2,our ZRP boys allowed a Honda Fit full of 8 passengers to pass the roadblock. Now it's an accident. ZRP must be disbanded


love of money 4 days ago

yes the ZR Police is paid by these mushikashika vehicles to pass and endanger lives of so many .
how else is this lawlessness thriving and the public lives are so put on line of destruction.
its high time people protest against these vices .

Richie 4 days ago


4 days ago

Ko iwe ukuti 8+9 ndi 15 wakaenda kuchikoro chepi mukutivhiringa munyori anyatsa kut 17

Jason Chuck Norris Muvevi 4 days ago

the 1st commenter ndiyo mbo.ko yakonzeresa confusion yese

Thomas 4 days ago

life is more important than money 🤑 .koshesai vanhu guys

chicken 4 days ago

Drivers, should be more careful. This is just unfair slaughtering people willy nilly without any meaningful reprimands. worse still murdering the future generations in cold blood because of greed and selfishness. 404s and 404s emergency taxies were banned by Mugabe then due to the reasons above. Why not banning the mshikashikas. Topera takasvinura sematemba nemaWish iwaya. Chete zvonetsa nekuri Vene veaWish Acho mapurisa furi.nxaa.

spookie 3 days ago

mapurisa mapedza vanhu nehuori

3 days ago

😂😂😂😂Haaa ma1 ma**** mazhinji

Inno 3 days ago

😂😂😂😂Haaa ma1 ma**** mazhinji

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