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Twitter Announces The Introduction Of The Edit Button

Twitter Announces The Introduction Of The Edit Button

Twitter announced it’s testing an edit button, an idea former CEO Jack Dorsey had originally resisted fearing the spread of misinformation if tweets were altered after being widely shared, according to The Hustle.

A common Twitter gripe has been that the only way to fix a typo is to delete and repost, which is frustrating if it’s already going viral or spurring conversation.

Twitter’s edit button will roll out among Twitter Blue subscribers, who get early access to features, later this month. It’s unclear when the rest of the world will get it.

Safeguards to alleviate concerns that people will edit tweets to spread misinformation: 

i). Changes can be made only 30 minutes after posting the OG tweet

ii). An icon, time stamp, and label will show it’s been edited 

iii). Tapping the label will show the edit history

Why’s it matter?

The move aligns Twitter with other platforms. Facebook’s edit button came in 2013. Reddit lets you edit posts, but not titles. Youtube? Edit to your heart’s content.

In 2020, Dorsey said Twitter was different in that it began as an SMS platform. Because you couldn’t recall texts, Twitter should maintain that “vibe.”

But that vibe is fading. Apple announced that, with iOS 16, users will be able to recall iMessages.

The rollout will be gradual, starting with internal testing for Twitter employees. Twitter Blue subscribers will go next and eventually everyone will be able to edit tweets, although the company didn’t say when.

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Tintin 1 month ago

isu hatipo patwitter pedzerai ikoko.isu tiri vepindula yemahara.tichauya kutwitter kana yave yemahara sepindula .ndatenda.

mukoma wenyu mose 1 month ago

debate kwete kutukana.kana wakundwa argument just acknowledge.unozomubata mangwana kkkk

Bhuru 1 month ago

b.e.c.h.e rako iwe.

Tintin 1 month ago

don't attempt that fake intellectual bulls.h.i.t on me.simple not pindula free?

Bhuru 1 month ago

Hapana zvemahaha if it's free you are the product

Tintin 1 month ago

nyaya haisi yekushaya nyaya ndeyukuti ndinoda zvinhu zvemahara.whether ndine Mari kana kuti handina.usakurumidze kutsura vanhu vausingazive.

Bhuru 1 month ago

Saka iwe unoshaya kana 400 bond okutenga ma bundle,uyende pa Internet mheya wenamo iiii

@bhuru 1 month ago

haiwahwo.enda ka kutwitter kwacho.

dark continent 1 month ago

munhu anonzi bhuru chii changaite know abt Twitter😂😂😂kungodawo kufadza tumah.u.r.e tushoma itwotwo turi papindula.


@dark continent 1 month ago

Twitter bundles start @ 50 bond pa Econet, kana usina 50 mu account u need prayers.

dark continent 1 month ago

m.ha.t.a iwe.hayisi nyaya yemari inyaya yekuti kune vanhu vanoita prefer free things.nzwisisa nyaya first.m.h..a...ta.

Tateguru 1 month ago

Pindula should follow suite. Sometimes our phone wrongly correct what we write and we post without noticing that the phone has inserted a wrong suggestion

@tateguru 1 month ago

enda kutwitter usatinyaudze.

@Bhuru 1 month ago

You want to start world war 😂 but at the end of the day it's all about money musati nyepera .

@anonymous 4 weeks ago

Yo wiztech

anonymous 1 month ago

I watch wiztech which is free not because I don't have money for DStv subscription it's because I don't like tv that much.sometimes it's not about money.

@anonymous 1 month ago

Wiztech ? Yo

😡😡😡 4 weeks ago

chii chakaipa kubva kugokwe.ndosaka muchizotukwa zvinyadzi.

anonymous 4 weeks ago

saka btv channel yega inondinakidza ndewonera kupi?

bhitirisi 4 weeks ago

nyaya ndeyekuti unobva Gokwe wiztech mukore unoo

anonymous 1 month ago

maybe inyaya yekuti I once lived in bots for 8 yrs.

anonymous 1 month ago

btv is enough 4 me.maybe a little bit of Joseph Prince on daystar ndaright.most of the time I listen to Star fm and kunakwa nepindula.

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

@anonymous Wiztech here or OpenView?

mdara Loli pop 4 weeks ago

isu vatema zve technology totozvizivawo zvauya ne varungu. Ndokusakani tiri kuti look West policy boe zvekuti

Solliy b the great 4 weeks ago

Lolipop bhoo zvokut

anonymous 4 weeks ago

uye chii chakaipa kubva kugokwe.ndosaka muchizotukwa zvinyadzi

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