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Tsholotsho Girl (14) Raped By Fellow Student Inside Classroom

Tsholotsho Girl (14) Raped By Fellow Student Inside Classroom

A 17-year-old Form Three at Mpanedziba Secondary School in Tsholotsho has been arrested for allegedly raping a 14-year-old girl from the same school.

The suspect allegedly cornered his victim in one of the school classrooms after he found her searching for her textbook.

Acting Matabeleland North Province Community Relations and Liaison Officer Assistant Inspector Christopher Mahohoma confirmed the arrest. He told VicFallsLive:

On the 19th day of November 2022 and at Mpanedziba Secondary school, the victim went into her form one classroom looking for her missing Ndebele textbook.

She found the suspect seated on top of a desk alone and she did not mind the presence of the suspect and continued with the search of her textbook.

During the process, the suspect stood up, grabbed the victim by her T-shirt, and dragged her into a classroom storeroom which was not locked and he then raped the victim once.

Mahohoma said after committing the crime, the suspect fled from the scene.

The matter came to light when the victim narrated the sexual assault to the matron who then reported the matter to the police.

In another rape case, police in Lupane have launched a manhunt for Caspar Twala of Shabula Range under Chief Mabikwa who allegedly raped his eight-year-old daughter on Monday. Said Mahohoma:

On the 20th day of November 2022, the victim and her other two siblings were left in the custody of their biological father Caspar Twala by their grandmother.

It was during the absence of the grandmother when the suspect called the victim into his bedroom hut where he rapped her once.

Twala allegedly used his hands to forcibly close her daughter’s mouth to prevent her from screaming. Added Mahohoma:

After the act, the suspect threatened to beat the victim if she discloses the act to anyone.

The victim did not take heed of the threats and narrated to her grandmother what happened to her upon her arrival back home.

The grandmother quickly took the victim to the police and lodged a police report before taking her for a medical examination.

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anonymous 2 months ago

hangman munyowani uya ngachitiratidze zvaanogona

CIO 2 months ago

Kkkkkeeekeeeda tinozadzwa madhot.iiii

2 months ago

yaa death penalty

Tintin 2 months ago

the government must declare something... crisis something something hameno I just know action needed ASAP.😳😳😳

Sorojena 2 months ago

Dzimwe nyaya dzofanira kutongwa nematare arimuma families, zvekuyendesana kujere is unAfrican, kare kare musengabere was recommended. We are condemning Western cultures all the time but we're failing to uphold ours.

Vaye vaye 2 months ago

I don't think it's African to ****ually assault our women. Stop forcing yourself on women and you will not have any problems.

Chamhamha 2 months ago

@SOROJENA kuita musengabere mwana wake here.For crying out loud they are minors. Tikwanirei nechi**** African chenyu ichocho

Billey 2 months ago

Lustful generation, the world has turned into Sodom and Gomora, mwari pindirai

Worzell Gummidge 2 months ago

From a Sociology point of view, I think that Solipsism, Nihilism & Individualism have become rampant in society. People no longer care about others or the pain & suffering they inflict on others as long as they get self gratification. We have lost fellow feeling & natural affection - courtesy of our leaders.

This is a manifestation of the nefarious politics of our national leaders where the principle of dog eat dog takes centre stage. The politics of "Kakara kununa kudya kamwe". The politics of kakara kunakirwa huRhepa kamwe.

Gwedu 2 months ago

mmmmmmm problem is how the corrupt officials are being handled. The system is so oppressive and ignorant...!!

🔞 2 months ago

MaNdeere mwakuti syza hanty..tikuuyayo 2nd round 💣💣🐊🐊🐊

lobhengula 2 months ago

ngingedwa lapha kuphindula abanye atholakali lapha ayintweni zamahala njengawe

👤 2 months ago

@Lobengula your ndebele is filled with Shona virus 🦠...

bvoo 2 months ago

mukomana nemusikana vaizivana kungoti vakzowanikinzwa nevamwe vana varipakati akuti Andi rape ndinokuz8va nyayayacho yose

Lady Vee 2 months ago

Bvoo wewe ukuziya but it's not like anenge achitoda and stuff


njomane 2 months ago

action is needed nekukasira chatova chijairira vachiti hapana zvatinoitwa

Phidza 2 months ago

Nhai veduwee varikumbodyei mandex ayo mushonga here nhaimi. Ndomutsemura nyini here wadai kuvhiringidza vana.

University Student 2 months ago

I think the government should reduce the age of consent. Cause this rape issue is now a problem. Cornered in the classroom under clear circumstances it's not possible... This is how the prosecution department works.. If you have **** with an underage they will try to connect how you forcibly ****ual harassed someone. And if let's say this continues on kuti rape everyday, on Xmas and New year we are going to have atleast 200 rape cases within this period. And more on these bills which allows a child to report assault or harassment of a parent, will trigger more rape cases... Cause vana vachabuda kuenda Kumabhawa, obatwa chibharo and akaita zvaanoda anodzoka kumba n mubereki haana right yekumurova.. This government has failed us completely. I can write an article with 100 pages on the causes.. Nyika yedu yaparara, some of the cause be like ****o*graphy, drugs, shisha with mba*nje, maChills(small **** parties)/underage **** parties, sugar daddies, early maturity, rules governing school children(no beating of school pupils), link ups etc... Haya this government doesn't care... Because they want to be there after the cases... But they are doing nothing to prevent the cases from happening in the first place.. **** should be considered at 13 and above to avoid these cases and anyone who rapes or have **** with a minor or anyone below 13 should be given life terms of minimum 30(life) years in prison. Death sentence is not the way... Someone can still be blamed for something he/she didn't commit and still be hanged because of the available circumstances or evidence.

Worzell Gummidge 2 months ago

Allow me to respectfully differ with your opinion. Reducing the age of consent will not stop rape, but will actually increase it.

Many adults will take advantage of the child's immaturity, lack of knowledge & vulnerability to ****ually impose themselves on the minor child. Stiffer penalties and massive awareness campaigns for the whole nation & all age groups will help reduce rape cases.

For young minors who are Early Bloomers or who experience early ****ual maturity, they should be allowed to mastur.bate vigorously to get rid of the ****ual itch. Even **** toys should be allowed for teenagers.

Sussie 2 months ago

Please help me England vs USA results (FT). Thanks guys in advance.

2 months ago

england 0 USA 0

Chibaba 2 months ago

England 0 USA 0

DStv 2 months ago

I know ,u now regret the 29 dollars you gave me😜😜😜

Gb 2 months ago

Matebelelend ndizvo here zvatakariwira zvekuzo raper vana vedu zvanyanya manje love era vapera here kupindira vana zvino vana manyengavana beware muchatitadzisa kuvimbiwa nevana vedu vachifunga kuti ndizvo zvinoita nana baba vose haudaniri kuti a mira usungwe mbwa iwe

jelous 2 months ago

a lot of things happening day inn day out , being reported aswellbut the flag is not up up, the way they handle these minor cases of tapes above all ,, majority of these rapes otherwise weresome r not even rapesu only that e law states that ............... otherwise if I were t vomite what I see happening in this country otherwise some of the industries likes of .......... Pleanty buildings builngs wch had bebecame x** ual bedroom for Bats problem is that one who protect the law are the ones who abuse it ,,ones who give us advantage to abuse it ,,there for where is our journey heading tioo ,,, pit let miii end hear

Blue 🔵 2 months ago

Saka ka9 year old mother kari kutoyamwisa mwana here ? Kuti kangaite mukaka ?

terrorist 2 months ago

vapfanha ve****o vanetsa

kdb 2 months ago


i 2 months ago

lulalula yazonetsa manje vapfana vakudzikisa flag nekuchikoro kwese

VaMahuda Mahutenga 2 months ago

Haaa izvi zvazonyanya haaa pashata

sabhuku 2 months ago

Ava vaviri ngavaroorane pasina anoramba mumwe.

2 months ago

Zvimwe zvava zvemushonga zvokwamwari hazviko

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