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Tsenengamu Plans Seizure Of Zimplats

Tsenengamu Plans Seizure Of Zimplats

Leader of the Front for Economic Emancipation in Zimbabwe (FEEZ), Godfrey Tsenengamu, says his party intends to mobilise masses to take control of South Africa-owned mining company, Zimplats.

Zimplats is owned by South African conglomerate, Impala Platinum (Implats).

Tsenengamu said the seizure of Zimplats will be in retaliation to the ongoing attacks against foreigners and foreign-owned businesses by vigilantes in South Africa.

The former ZANU PF youth league political commissar warned ZANU PF against trying to block the attempted takeover of the company. Said Tsenengaamu:

In retaliation for what is happening in South Africa, we have vowed to take 100 per cent ownership of Zimplats in Mhondoro Ngezi.

If ZANU PF blocks our way, we will definitely direct our anger to them.

We call upon president Mnangagwa to visit his South African counterpart, President Ramaphosa so that they resolve the situation of our citizens in the neighbouring country.

Tsenengamu also said they are planning to march to the South African Embassy in Zimbabwe to register their displeasure over xenophobia in the neighbouring country. He said:

We will unveil our plan to conduct a march at the SA Embassy in Zimbabwe so that we hand over our petition to the South African Ambassador on the issues affecting our citizens in South Africa.

A Zimbabwean national living in South Africa, Immanuel Zinja, was injured in an alleged attack two weeks ago by locals in Capetown’s Breadasdorp settlement.

Zinja was attacked by protesters armed with axes and machetes and suffered deep cuts on his head and had to be hospitalized.

South Africans accuse foreign nationals, especially Zimbabweans, of taking their jobs and fueling crime. 


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DNA 1 month ago

DNA yako haichinje waratidza rudzi rwake

sugar boy 1 month ago

akutaura zve****.**** dzajaira kuuraya economy.

uyu 1 month ago

vakuda kulooter zimplats futy mapenzi evanhu vasingafungi dai mwari akakutorai akasiya hake Elvis nyati

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Going to SA embassy is a good idea we cant jus keep quiet as if all is well, SA needs to know that we are angry about what happened to Nyathi 😭😭😭

ZimCitizen 1 month ago

The Zimbabwe citizens are angry with the murder of Mboneni Ncube by the Zanupf sponsored Al-Shabbab.

1 month ago


tsenengamu 1 month ago

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[4/13, 8:57 AM] +263 77 371 8171: Hw
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[4/13, 9:07 AM] +263 77 419 5777: True it's about making a valuable product not to just do untouchable things
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[4/13, 9:17 AM] +263 77 419 5777: Yayaya if all Zimbabweans think so,we now have a better nation without condemn other for sanction🙂🙂🙂🙂
[4/13, 9:20 AM] +263 77 806 5350: It's a political problem that requires a political solution, because politics control everything
[4/13, 9:22 AM] +263 77 806 5350: For example if the parliament was sat by sound business people we wouldn't be discussing this today but we have politicians some without business sense leading vital positions making the wrong or right decisions to everyone's detriment
[4/13, 9:23 AM] +263 77 102 6028: They will need the same foreigners they are chasing away from South Africa to help them rebuild their infrastructure
[4/13, 9:25 AM] +263 77 806 5350: I personally feel that the economy should never be placed in the hands of politicians, we need independent economists to run the economy because politicians are there to protect themselves and their interests
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[4/13, 9:26 AM] +263 77 806 5350: Definitely but these two can have an administrative demarcation
[4/13, 9:27 AM] +263 77 419 5777: Yayayah that is true
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pocky 1 month ago

ndoda kukuisa zicucumber kumanyowa ikoko urip apa

ZimCitizen 1 month ago

Unorwara nepfungwa iwe nxaa

c 1 month ago

zimplates its a big investment company ngavaisiye coz tinozo mhanya loss

xyz 1 month ago

sungirirai mbwa yo

Dr Hercules 1 month ago

An opportunist trying to capitalise on the situation in SA to line his own pockets.Who s going to gain or lose from the Zimplats take over??It will be minus one serious investor

mining tech 1 month ago

kindly advise how will these channel money from mining activities into their personal accounts
as we know ore from mine is ferried to SA for processing under processing of mineral setup

all electricity used is under Escom SApower company

chairman 1 month ago

sorry wangu titori be nzara yemari muz imbabwe so chimbotimirirai tidye Mari pa zimplats haisi ye SA ndeye Australia

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