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Tropical Storm Gombe Makes Landfall In Madagascar Heads For Mozambbique

Tropical Storm Gombe Makes Landfall In Madagascar Heads For Mozambbique

A new low-pressure system named Gombe, which has recently formed in Madagascar and evolved into a moderate tropical storm could reach Mozambique on March 11.

According to the forecasts in Mozambique’s National Institute of Meteorology (INAM) on Tuesday, the system could reach the Mozambique Channel on Wednesday and approach the Mozambican coast on Friday. Says the statement:

Tropical storm Gombe could influence the weather in the provinces of Cabo Delgado, Nampula and Zambezia, with the occurrence of heavy rains, accompanied by thunderstorms and strong winds.

Tropical Storm Gombe comes as the mentioned provinces are still staggering from the recent ravages of storms that passed through the country earlier this year.

INAM says it is monitoring this phenomenon and appeals to the population to continue to follow the meteorological information and the warnings disseminated by the competent national authorities. 

The reports were also confirmed by the South African Weather Service (Saws) which said Tropical Storm Gombe has since made landfall over northern Madagascar.

The weather office said once in the channel, Gombe is expected to strengthen as a result of the warm sea surface temperatures (SST) combined with moisture from the ocean.

Gombe is forecasted to reach tropical cyclone intensity by Friday when it is projected to briefly make landfall over northern Mozambique.

Saws said this landfall will be short-lived, as currently Gombe is once again expected to enter the Mozambique Channel by Sunday.

At this stage, Gombe poses no direct threat to South Africa, said the weather office.

More: News24; Xinhua

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