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Triple Murder Suspect Muvevi Was Arrested While Attempting To Board Kombi

Triple Murder Suspect Muvevi Was Arrested While Attempting To Board Kombi

Details have emerged that triple murder suspect, Jaison Muvevi, was arrested while attempting to board a kombi to Chimoio in Mozambique. Muvevi was detained in Mozambique until Tuesday.

According to reports from, Muvevi attempted to hire a motorbike to take him to Chimoio town, which is 100 kilometers from Mutare’s Forbes Border Post.

According to the motorcyclist who was filmed narrating the encounter, Muvevi asked to be transported to Chimoio for $200, but when the motorcyclist refused, he pulled out a revolver and threatened to shoot him.

Later, as he attempted to board a kombi headed toward Chimoio. This is when Mozambican law enforcement officers apprehended him.

Initial signs indicated that Muvevi would likely first be tried in a Mozambican court to respond to accusations of border-jumping into the country and brandishing a gun at a police officer.

After the necessary steps for extradition were finished, the Mozambicans turned Muvevi over to the Zimbabwean authorities. He has since been transferred to Harare to face trial.

Muvevi is suspected of murdering an apostolic church leader, Chrispen Kanerusine, in cold blood. He is also accused of killing a Hwedza ZRP officer Inspector Hove and, a bartender Mujanhi.

| The Herald

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1 week ago

Why did he started all these murders? What the issue with that prophet?

gwinz 1 week ago

prophet vanenge vakashudha beans ya blaz uyo

The Adjudicator 1 week ago

Our police can only arrest opposition members and protesters. How cld they fail to apprehend Muvhevhi who was only arrested in one single day by the Mozambican police. The simple answer is THE POLICE AND JUDICIARY IS NOT CAPTURED.

Vesto 1 week ago

Wrong conclusion @Adjudicator, not only are the ZANU Republic Police captured, but they are also inept, cowardly and very unprofessional

1 week ago

Death penalty iri boo kuvanhu vakadai

Chinese zodiac 1 week ago

xvakaoma iyo pfuti yacho yakanga yakungobrandisher pese pese here akoma ummm kana wauray hapana chaunenge wakumbokwata sure

lamboos 1 week ago

vnhu kadzi tirikugara nemhandu veduwe

Muvevi 1 week ago

End of the movie


Despirado 1 week ago

This guy was now desperate to flee to "safety" in chimoio or Maputo or nampula. He also intended to join matsangaise.

Zuze 1 week ago

Matsanga is history in Mozambique. They are in official opposition now, controlling about 40% of Legislature

Jojo Tank 1 week ago

And the bird died eventually Shiri yakazongofa

ma inmates hokoyoi 1 week ago

mukaramba nemu**** wenyu mukushudhwa na muvevi mugare mamupa musati marohwa

Ngwato1942 1 week ago


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