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Trio Steals US$100 000 Cash From Harare Mosque

Trio Steals US$100 000 Cash From Harare Mosque

Three men from Harare have appeared in court facing charges of robbery after they allegedly robbed a local church of US$100 000.

The trio, Alexio Rwizi, (35) Llyod Mutusva (47) and Munyaradzi Matenhese (51) allegedly broke into a Mosque along Simon Mazorodze road in Harare and got away with US$100 000 in cash.

The court heard that Rwizi who works at the Mosque as a builder engaged his alleged accomplices to help him steal from his employer.

The trio has been remanded to this Tuesday for bail application.

In a related matter, Forward Sirewo allegedly pounced on a Highlands family and got away with a car, cash and other valuables.

He has since appeared in court facing charges of robbery.

It is alleged that Sirewo who was armed with a machete, iron bars and stones broke into the house and threatened the complainant before robbing her of US$4 200, a car and other valuables.

The accused was remanded in custody and advised to apply for bail at the High Court.

In another case, one Mabutho Mpofu appeared in court facing charges of attempted murder after allegedly pushing a teenage girl into a well.

The court heard that the girl was rescued by her mother who used a rope to pull her out before reporting the matter to the police.

He was granted ZWL10 000 bail.

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Da Truth 1 month ago


Machiavelli 1 month ago

Allah hu Ahkbar!

THE FIEND 1 month ago

Asalaam maliku? Allah will punish these infidels with unquenchable heat, this is a clear sign of terrorism fighting the house of Islam,its Jihad. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him clearly stated on the Koran not to spare a thief as stated in the 10 commandments of the Holy scriptures, "Thou shalt not steal ".

Asalif 1 month ago

another amnesty was done criminals were released prisons and correctional services are finding it difficult feeding and clothing them and also over crowding

aaaa 1 month ago



😖😖 1 month ago

meaning kuba kunobhadhara. kana ndaba ndomirira kusungwa ndoita apply bail asi mari inenge irimo muhomwe.

cid homicide 1 month ago

bamnin CID inokuriva nema getsi ukataura pawakaviga mari yose ,varume vaye vanokuchaya ukavaratidza oawakaisa mari vakaitira voinyudza mucourt vokuudza kut takangiwana few doklars kana kunzi we recovered 2000usd from this accused imwe yese tenge taitira liok maCID ose they drive good cars thats the deal even vakakubata nemadrugs vaniti he was in posession of 35kg of dagga which we recivered stashed under the bed,mamwe masaga embanje vanibva vamatengesera kumamwe madrug loads,same same nemabhero Zimra inotora bheri yorinyudza vozoisa rimwe kuauction zvavharana ukutamba nezimbabwe iweeee
kuba mari yemachawa vanokupengesa vayehauidye

Danmore Mambondiyani 1 month ago

Voterai Chamisa ndiye oga anerudo neNyika yeZimbabwe kwete zvedu zvekuda kudya izvi.

Chamisa chete chete

kkkkkkkkk 1 month ago

mambondiyani or shortie haadi kunzwa zita rekuti chamisa zviite seiko that guy from Pafiwa in Mutasa close to Watsomba achigara mamutare haaite izvozvo

John Paradza 1 month ago

Such serious cases like these but people are allowed to apply for bail. Ngaichiita yepolitics uone, no bail bcz is a flight Risk.

Vote forChamisa. Vote for CCC

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