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Trio Kidnap, Rape Nine-year-old Girl

Trio Kidnap, Rape Nine-year-old Girl

Police have launched a manhunt for two alleged rapists who abused a 9-year-old.

One of the suspects, Edmore Matanganye (31), appeared before Harare magistrate, Yeukai Dzuda, while his two alleged accomplices are still at large.

Matanganye was advised to approach the High Court for his bail application. He will be back in court on 5 July 2022.

Prosecuting, Anesu Chirenge, told the court that sometime in June this year, the minor was approached by a woman as she passed a certain compound.

The woman indicated to her that she was selling sweets and also wanted to give her a parcel to pass to her mother.

The woman then blocked the minor from behind and Matanganye emerged from the house and sealed the victim’s mouth with tape.

The woman tied the minor’s legs and the two carried her into a cabin where Matanganye allegedly raped the minor. The woman stood guard at the door.

When Matanganye was done, another male adult allegedly came inside and also raped the minor.

It is further alleged that the suspects later untied the minor and threatened her not to disclose the incident to anyone.

On 13 June, the minor told her mother that she was not feeling well, and then she revealed the matter to her.

The mother immediately took her to a police station and filed a report resulting in the arrest of Matanganye following investigations.


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Mutongigava 6 days ago

Vanhu vakadaii ava hava deservhe kurarama,death sentence ndoinongodiwa

Mika 2 weeks ago

Mwari huyai vanhu venyu vatanga

Hang such people publicly muna first street 2 weeks ago


Ginious 2 weeks ago

i agree with you.


Gerry 2 weeks ago

chances are high kut mwana akapiwa chirwere

Ca Cable Guy 2 weeks ago

So so sad eishhh

povhoo 2 weeks ago

yekuravidzana inozonaka here plus zera racho ummm kubharura here musadaro vanhuwe achiridza mhere wakabaya chete satanyokoo

Ntaba 2 weeks ago

Eish heartless woman

BUOY 2 weeks ago

iiiii mukadzi wekurezva mwana akashinga uyu

i 2 weeks ago

Musamuvharire ingobvisai mborrrrro nemachendeerr ake momupa odya dakkkko rake

Operation Dudula 2 weeks ago

Here in S.A kind of these people we set them ablaze... 🔥

Observer 2 weeks ago

The court will find him guilty and put him up in the states no_star hotel where he will be looked after.. three meals a day and free medical care until he is kicked out back into society.
We will all be happy that justice has been done.

Turoo 2 weeks ago

Munhu angarape mwana ana 9 years hutsinye hwacho hauzode. Besides wakaona uri murume mukuru uchinakirwa nemwana ane 9 years unenge uchitorwara nepfungwa

lulalula 2 weeks ago

Mishonga iyi,Shame sterek

tariro 2 weeks ago

Ndovanhu vanofanirwa kubviswa musociety what a shame

SC 2 weeks ago

This is a ritual type of rape. My question is, if you crave **** that much why not go to gazebo, eastview or epworth where you can buy **** for as much as a dollar? Why rape why risk your freedom and dignity when you have an alternatively safe avenue. Court should just give him life in prison he's a demon

Cable Guy 2 weeks ago

I second that

Bhuru 2 weeks ago


Ginious 2 weeks ago

yaa vanhu vakufarisa manje.nyangwe vakapiwa makore mujeri ,ngavanyudzwe kujeri ikoko vasadzoke

muku 2 weeks ago

kana akaraper for 45 seconds ngaapiwe 45yrs mujeri

Putin 🇷🇺 2 weeks ago

mupei 35 years

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