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Travellers Using Beitbridge Border Post Speak On Re-opening Of Land Borders

Travellers Using Beitbridge Border Post Speak On Re-opening Of Land Borders

Travellers using the Beitbridge Border Post Wednesday commended the Government for lifting restrictions on non-essential travel through land borders.

Two weeks ago, the Cabinet approved the re-opening of land borders to fully vaccinated travellers.

However, the border could not immediately re-open since there was no supporting law, until last Friday when General Notice 421 of 2022 was issued by Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister, Kazembe Kazembe.

In separate interviews, citizens told The Herald that the move is refreshing. Ms Charmaine Chapo, an informal trader said:

I am grateful, I can now travel freely to stock products for sale from other countries by road.

At the peak of the lockdown, procuring goods became expensive since the few who were able to travel were charging exorbitant prices for transportation.

You will also note that some people who were crossing borders illegally were risking their lives. It is gratifying that we can start travelling safely again via the formal crossing points.

A Beitbridge-based transporter Mr Lloyd Mufunga said they were looking forward to business peaking in the next few days when many people start travelling between South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Acting Immigration Officer in charge of Beitbridge Border Post, Mr Trustworthy Manatsire, said: ÔÇťAs of between Monday (6 am) and Tuesday (6 am), we processed 1 879 arrivals and 935 exits, which is not out of the ordinary.

South Africa hosts millions of Zimbabweans who have been in the neighbouring country for some ten years or more years following the collapse of the Zimbabwean economy.

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taps 3 months ago

At KD jhansi Zviri safe here wotuka vakuru apa woisa number dzako

Sponono 3 months ago

Im a Zanu pf supporter but this is now too much , i drive a mushikashika in mbare and this will affect my business , another thing is that i now believe that the ruling party should not campaign ,its actions over the last 5years must campaign for it ,for example does a boyfriend court his girlfriend everyday once she has agreed to be his girlfriend? no!!!! but other guys who also want the girl are the ones who court her and buy her presents and try to show her that they are better than her boyfriend
zanu should not campaign,its actions over the last 5 years must campaign for it, opposition parties are the ones who are meant to campaign

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ngapinde mukomana
kangeke ujaha

­čÖł 3┬ámonths ago

bhustwaaaai ... bhu bhu bhu bhu bhu bhu

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