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Traumatised Woman Refuses To See Her Newly-born Baby

Traumatised Woman Refuses To See Her Newly-born Baby

Noria Dhliwayo has refused to see her newly-born baby as it reminds her of her abusive spouse Kennedy Shambare who assaulted her when she was pregnant with the baby.

The Standard reports that Dhliwayo has only seen a photo of the child she delivered at Murewa General Hospital on the phone.

Dhliwayo, who resides in Zihute village, Murewa, was married to Shambare and they lived in Uzumba until January last year when she was forced to relocate after being severely beaten by Shamabre for condemning his thievery.

Dhliwayo alleges that Shambare stabbed her with knives and was also beaten with sticks causing her to bleed while pregnant.

She was also subjected to police torture as Murewa criminal investigations detectives came to seize property stolen from her.

Dhliwayo did community service from March to September at Hurungwe Primary School for a crime committed by her “loved one”. She said:

I suffered a lot in the name of love. Despite beating me several times, I loved him and hoped that he would pay lobola to my family. The situation became worse when he severely beat me while I was pregnant causing me to bleed after threatening to report him to the police. Subsequently, he accused me of trying to abort. That incident forced me to relocate from Uzumba in January. I came with no clothes and property because he had sold them. When he started to visit me frequently I complained that I needed property for the house I rented. This prompted him to rob a house early in March. Two weeks later two police officers came to interrogate me and ordered the confiscation of all the stolen property.  In the process I was beaten, arrested and stayed in prison for more than a week with my three-year-old daughter. I then paid US$100 and did community service at Hurungwe Primary School for six months, from March to September.

All the traumatic experiences Dhliwayo endured and Shambare’s rejection of her pregnancy caused her to hate her new baby who is believed to be at Kadenge Children’s Home in Murewa.

Dhliwayo, who is also a mother to three other children aged 15 years, 11 years and three years from her previous marriage, said many people do not understand the circumstances that made her abandon her two-month-old baby.

The baby is at Kadenge Children’s Home. Social workers said Dhliwayo can get the baby if she changes her mind and when her life improves. 

Social workers said they realised that Dhliwayo was still in denial, depressed and bitter and didn’t want her child due to pain.

More: The Standard

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