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Transporters Raise Alarm Over The Use Of Spikes By Police

Transporters Raise Alarm Over The Use Of Spikes By Police

The Passengers Association of Zimbabwe (PAZ) on Monday condemned the continued use of spikes by the Chegutu town municipal police.

In a letter addressed to the Chegutu Municipality town clerk, PAZ national coordinator Tafadzwa Goliati said the overzealous traffic officers were endangering the lives of citizens by their actions. Wrote Goliati:

PAZ abhors the sheer abuse of authority by (town) of Chegutu traffic police through the use of spikes in their ill-perceived call of duty in the city as recently reported in a case involving a CAJ company bus along the Harare-Bulawayo road.

While we do not condone flouting road rules and other regulations, we strongly oppose the use of spikes to effect arrests as this puts the irreplaceable and valuable lives of passengers and other road users at risk.

PAZ expressed its displeasure after the Chegutu municipal traffic police officers used spikes to stop a CAJ bus which was coming into Chegutu from Harare on 1 August 2022.

Chegutu municipal spokesperson Brian Nkiwane said the council does not encourage the use of spikes on vehicles in motion unless there is reasonable suspicion that the driver may escape. He said:

We do not use spikes on moving vehicles, but only in exceptional cases when there is suspicion that the driver might escape, or when the vehicle is stationary.

No sane police officer would throw a spike at a moving vehicle, particularly a bus carrying over 76 passengers as is being alleged.

In May this year, PAZ approached the High Court seeking a ban on the use of handheld metal spikes by the police.

The court action came after four passengers died while eight others were injured in Mutare on 4 May 2022 after police officers manning a roadblock deployed handheld spikes in an attempt to stop an unlicensed kombi, causing it to overturn.

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i 1 month ago

zvichimboitirwei idzo mota dziine manumber plates just take the number and confirm to Vts or CVR for owner and the owner will tell kuti on such date nhingi ndiye aive nebhazi momusungaka.becoz ipapo ipapo yamunoda iyi inourayisa mainnocents

Terrace Watch 1 month ago

Umbavha kuda kutonyorewa mazimbavha ndokusaka zvimacouncil police zvoita kunge vanhu vanofudza mombe kana kupfumbira mafuta haabatiri hupenyu hwakatukwa nkubira mamotorists nxaaa

Concerned police officer 1 month ago

if we continue writing number plates .we end up having nothing on our side whilst motorists running away. e gvt will be e only benefactor at e end

Terrace Watch 1 month ago

How are supposed to benefit by use of spike isn't obvious for gvt to benefit than the police officer are a gvt in the making iwe urimbavha iwe hausi porisi.

blessing 1 month ago

team remuchengutu rinozvinyanya

Terrace Watch 1 month ago

Nekwachivi paMhandamambwe DZUNGU.

blessing 1 month ago

team remuchengutu rinozvinyanya


Maparamuro 1 month ago

Number 1 rule to all drivers is to obey all traffic rules. The traffic police instruction takes precedence over all other rules. If the traffic police officer instructs you to stop in a no stopping zone you obey..
People who are familiar with kombi drivers and mshika shika operators know that these people obey neither the written rules in the highway code nor the instructions of police officers, they operate with no rules at all and they are a danger to all road users including themselves. It's not the traffic cops that are endangering the lives of commuters and other road users but the kombi drivers and mshika shika operators. Their services cease to be essential because they endanger peoples lives

citizen 1 month ago

is this a mushika shika or a bus carrying 76 Passengers sometimes u guz jus defend these thieves

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