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'Trafficked' Zimbabwean Woman Dies In Oman

'Trafficked' Zimbabwean Woman Dies In Oman

A 40-year-old Zimbabwean woman who was trafficked to Oman died on Wednesday in Muscat, the capital city of the Gulf state.

Margret Kachasu, who was a domestic worker for Saif Alhabsi, succumbed to cervical cancer.

The Zimbabwe Trafficking in Persons Advocacy (ZTIPA) chairperson Tabeth Masiyiwa confirmed Kachasu’s demise. She said:

Margret succumbed to cervical cancer. Four days before her death she was requesting to be taken back home but unfortunately, her employer could not fund the trip as he claimed that he had exhausted all his money on medical bills.

She reportedly bled profusely. The employer didn’t know it was due to cancer till she could not work.

When we wanted to take her home she refused. Four days ago she started saying I want to go back home but the money was finished when we took her to the hospital.

We didn’t have any problem with her, she could do her job properly. But for the past two weeks, she became seriously ill.

The deceased’s remains are yet to be repatriated to Zimbabwe. Her brother, Collin Kachasu told NewsDay that they have presented their case to the Government. He said:

We went to the Foreign Affairs ministry and presented our case. We are now waiting for a response from my relatives who are currently working in Oman. They said they were going to speak to Zimbabwe’s consular.

The Government recently said about 100 Zimbabwean citizens are being subjected to slavery by their employers in Oman.

Home Affairs ministry permanent secretary Aaron Nhepera said the Government plans to repatriate Zimbabwean citizens from Oman.

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Zelensky 1 month ago

may her soul rest in peace one day God will hear our prayers and we solve our home problems

Zelensky 1 month ago

may her soul rest in peace one day God will hear our prayers and we solve our home problems

Mo 1 month ago

So sad that our children and grand children have to resort to having themselves trafficked just so that they can earn a living. MHDSRIP. When are we as a country going to take responsibility for our young people by bringing in investors that are going to provide meaningful employment for the youth.

ery 1 month ago

Nkust u are full of hatrage ,jealousy bitterness ,depressed

pple in diaspora are contributing 8million usd in forex via money agents
the usd u will receive is from diasporians they are working tirelessly and support us back hone

you might be unlucky not receiving bump shorts but let me prophesy to you Alk will be well
you will b a great men in 6 months time
jus have faith and pray

Huni 1 month ago

I dont see anything choratidza she was trafficked ini. I think she was working but then she got ill ..I thonk thats all.

I dnt know kana ndaresva

Chiurai 1 month ago

M. H. D. S. R. I. E. P

Sibongile panzedzi 1 month ago



Chivara 1 month ago


Dhiniwe 1 month ago

Zvaigonekwa na bob izvi

aazz 1 month ago

it's painful yaz elsewhere yikuzama but kulengozi lapho . 😭😭but Oman z not a destination to bother about. why Zimbabwe don't bomb this dirt country

Chen 1 month ago

Nkust don't be over whelmed with jealousy is it becoz iwe unoziva ngoro neZupco. Have heart asi uri baba vaBright Zhalala.

Rwanda 1 month ago

aaaayas ndakushairai vana imimi

Nkust 1 month ago

Vanhu ava pavakaenda ku amen kwacho vaitoti toda kusvika tichivhaiiriraana nhingi nana nhingi ndivo vari kutumira vana ma bum short vachiti vaite ma party zvokonzera kyt vana vedu vayemure vobva vahura apa mava kufa ku amen ikoko tonzi tikuhwirei tsitsi no ibvai kumhepo kwedu moenderei kure kwese uku and vanhu varikuyaa nema cultures ekure zve kty unototi ko izvi vanhu zvakabvepi pamariro mota dzava kuiswa ma pictures ezvitunha ne hembe dzichinyogwa zvitunha

pvc 1 month ago

kwana iwe


Haaa iri i****wo iri

ahh 1 month ago

iwe munhu iwe, uri ryt ryt musoro. yo comment seems lyk a rant to people in the diaspora.

i lady has died painfully and yet u are posting this s.h.i.t. Have a heart my guy
i don't know which relative of yours asina kukutumira ma bum short but. ppliz 4gv them

Me 1 month ago

Uri datya remunhu

Tanu Mark Finnity 1 month ago

Shame may her soul rest in eternal peace

prince 1 month ago

Oman people must change their ways before it's to little to late

prince 1 month ago

Oman people must change their ways before it's to little to late

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