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Traditional Healer Conducts "Spiritual" Paternity Tests

Traditional Healer Conducts

A traditional healer based in Nyanga, Manicaland Province, is allegedly conducting paternity “DNA tests” which have resulted in some men denying paternity for their children.

A woman from the area, Mellisa Phiri, had to approach Acting Chief Saunyama’s court in a bid to force her married lover, Lovemore Mandipaza, to contribute towards the upkeep of their child.

Mandipaza allegedly sired a baby with Phiri but later claimed he was not the child’s biological father after visiting the traditional leader who reportedly conducted a spiritual “DNA” test.

Phiri dragged Mandipaza to Acting Chief Saunyama’s court last Friday to force him to provide finances for the upkeep of their eight-month-old baby. Said Phiri:

His wife was always on my case doubting the paternity of the child. Deep down in his heart, Lovemore knows that the baby is his.

He even named the child after himself as he is his only son. He has four daughters with his wife.

She managed to convince him to seek the services of the traditional healer who told him that his ancestors were not happy that he was deserting his family and taking care of another man’s child.

He supported me during my pregnancy and the first few months of the child’s birth.

However, after the visit to the traditional healer, he disowned the child and has stopped discussing marriage. He had promised to marry me.

Phiri’s mother, Kerina Samupanga, said her daughter lived with Mandipaza for over a year and they had a blissful life before he dumped her at her house on 23 December last year. She said:

I asked whether they had gone for DNA tests and he said his actions were being motivated by what the traditional healer had told him.

He reiterated claims that his ancestors were not happy with him for taking care of another man’s child.

Acting Chief Saunyama referred the case to the Nyanga Civil Court.

He also ordered Mandipaza to give four cattle and two goats to Phiri’s parents as a token of appreciation (chiredzwa) for the eight-month-old baby. Said the chief:

This is a maintenance case and the civil court should deal with it. He should help look after his child and the only DNA test results accepted by the courts are scientifically proven ones, not prophetic ones or those from traditional healers.

Until the scientific DNA tests are done, Mr Mandipaza should take care of his child.

Since there are no scientific proven DNA results available, we are assuming that this child is his.

After all, he had promised to pay your lobola, so it should not be a problem with him.

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