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Tracker On SA-registered Car Leads Police To Macheke Armed Robbers

Tracker On SA-registered Car Leads Police To Macheke Armed Robbers

A South African tracking firm led the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) to suspected armed robbers who had shot dead a 10-month-old baby in Macheke last month.

According to a South African news website, News24, the KwaZulu-Natal-registered Toyota Fortuner with personalised registration plates was stolen from its owner who was on holiday in Murewa, located about 75km north-east of Harare.

The suspects drove off with the car after robbing its owner of US$500 (R8 000) and R15 000.

The alleged robbers then pounced on a family in Macheke, 50km from where the car was stolen and used the stolen vehicle as their getaway car.

It was in Macheke that the suspects raided a home and killed an infant and wounded its mother on her lower left breast.

The robbers opened fire after the baby’s father, who was armed, shot twice at the robbers but missed. Six of the robbers were eventually arrested.

A South African tracking company provided the ZRP with the stolen Toyota Fortuner’s coordinates that helped the police track down the robbers. ZRP said in a statement:

The ZRP confirms the arrest of Blessing Banda, 25, and Tinashe Mungadza, 38, for theft of a motor vehicle case, leading to the recovery of a Toyota Fortuner vehicle that was stolen from South Africa.

The suspects were intercepted at a traffic checkpoint at the 333km peg of the Harare-Chirundu Road on 28 December after they had affixed a Zimbabwean registration plate and licence belonging to a Ford Ranger vehicle.

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Kule 4 months ago

Dzimwe nyika dzinoshandisa technology nemazvo, vamwe muri busy ne Cyber anti social network bill. Nonsense.

Tkt 4 months ago


that's good thinking but the think tanks failed to consider that there might be some instances as these. it is our constituion that has a lot of loopholes for offenders to evede custody by allowing some cases to have BAIL CHANCES.

Such cases of CORRUPTION, ROBERRY, MURDER, ALL THEFTS, ARSON, VANDALISM, must not be entertained twice in the courts of laws. once one is arrested i think he must be given a mxm one week to provide defence while in custody failure to defend one self within six days a harsh judgement must be passed without mercy on the seventh day.

Tentin 4 months ago

Varikubatwà. Masentences ngaave harsh. Ño bail.

booster jab 4 months ago

Happy new year Pindula,keep up your wonderfull works to keep us informed on zero data.

Pindula1 4 months ago

Happy new year our valued client

booster jab 4 months ago

Good work ZRP,makazongobhaiza kutidzinga mubhawa while we wanted to celebrate new year.

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