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Tony Blair Urges African Countries To Stop Exporting Raw Commodities

Tony Blair Urges African Countries To Stop Exporting Raw Commodities

A former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has urged African countries to consider adding value to their products for maximum benefit from their natural resources.

He made the remarks on Tuesday in Kigali, Rwanda during the ongoing Africa Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) 2022 Summit. 

The summit which was attended by leaders from governments, businesses, civil society, international organizations alongside innovators, financiers, experts, scientists, entrepreneurs, and youth sought to define game-changing solutions toward a food-secure Africa and food systems that deliver for people.

Blair spoke after President Emmerson Mnangagwa had delivered his speech in which he articulated his Afro-vison towards creating food self-sufficiency. He said:

The president of Zimbabwe made a very important point a moment ago. He does so much work for Agriculture all over the continent of Africa. Thanks so much for your leadership…

We have the African Continental Free Trade Agreement, it’s a massive thing. The World Bank estimates that by 2035 we could increase the money in GDP in Africa by $450 million if we manage to apply the principles of that agreement properly.

It is crazy that we’ve restrictions on agricultural goods shifting across frontiers within Africa. It’s not just about finding markets outside, lets find markets inside. We need to focus on agro-processing much the work we do in countries you discover countries producing raw materials, it could be cotton…. and yet the finished product is made somewhere else. So the commodities are exported raw, the value is added elsewhere and often they find their way back into the country the value having been gained by someone else.

Watch the video posted by the Ofice of the President and Cabinet, Zimbabwe

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Bhooo 3 weeks ago

Yeah that's what I love Zimbabwe, I love President ED.

Bhooo love 3 weeks ago

Blinded by love 😍, in your eyes he can do no wrong so evil persist's and people continue to suffer.

Maparamuro 3 weeks ago

Africa needs good leadership, the current crop is happy with the status quo. This Idhi is exporting ore to China, he is happy with that, does not understand there is no benefit to the nation does not care so long his pocket is filling up

Blue💙 3 weeks ago

No, nope. ED is doing he's best to establish mineral value addition plants in here. Remember the efforts in the PGMetals front. The miners are actually fighting the government efforts for value addition. Manje manje Biti was against Mthuli's efforts to establish beneficiation for PGMs but y'all didn't say a thing.

clueless 3 weeks ago

guy's once upon time my father Zimbabwe RG he heard told Blair to keep his country but this is the gd thing coming from him it's true let's fight to process our raw materials

. 3 weeks ago

Blair is a toilet 🚽 with no principles 😡,full of ********

Tony Blair 3 weeks ago

@. Iwe usadaro wangu

Sabhuku 3 weeks ago

All optics. BLAIR's first statement proves elaborated ignorance or straight foolery. Our greatest imports beside petroleum is Agro-products (wheat, maize, oil, potatoes, cotton based products, groceries). It's upsetting how these old blokes wickedness hovers over the whole citizenry. And then as if not enough, we borrow petty loans ($m) only to repay them with raw minerals in billions. Siss, both the doers & Enablers - they make me sick

Soyuz > Crew Dragon 3 weeks ago

But who will buy those products. What we need is technology so that we can produce the majority of our needs.

eddy 3 weeks ago

@Daa Truth these scientist and engineers in zimbabwe are too bookish they are too much into SWOT alnalysis which wont save us was at a Hre Agric show from thursday to friday i visited The stands fir HIT,Hrepoly,NUST,CUT i failed to locate a simple maize sheler till i resort to buy it pa Allibaba so do are telling me that all these graduands from th named institutions havagini kugadzira mamaize sheller ,zim we so behing guys i dnt want to lie

Da Truth 3 weeks ago

We have steel and aluminum we have to make our own planes and tomahawk missiles .We can make rockets we have plenty of scientists in Zimbabwe we have Professors .


Blue💙 3 weeks ago

Someone like Tony can acknowledge Ed's efforts but bastards like Asalif, Machiavelli, W.Gummidge and co cannot.
Pamberi mberi ne Zanu PF

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

What efforts, I pray?

To make us nett importers of maize?
To ensure 5 million Zimbabweans flee the country into the Diaspora?
To collapse The health sector, so badly that even paracetamol is unavailable in hospitals?
To have a country paralysed by collective job action because even government cannot adequately remunerate its employees?
Efforts to ensure that the army massacres unarmed civilians?
Efforts to ensure that the country is in the dark 18 out of 24 hours (no electricity)?
To ensure that not a single Town/city has piped water?
Efforts to trample on civil rights?
Efforts to make sure that Looters get away scot free while political opponents languish in prison?

@Blue 💙, no I would rather be labelled bastard by you than praise ED.

By the way, I can vouch for my father.
You @Blue💙, can your mother vouch for your father's?

Da Truth 3 weeks ago

Look who's talking .The west is ugly yesterday today a west boys are gud listen to what Tony said .Blue balls uripapi kwako ndekupi blue uri rwahivhi kasi kwako ndepi chaiko vachena vanaka nhasi.

Blue💙 3 weeks ago

Da Truth 😁, as far as business is concerned, l don't care about the West. But when it comes to politics- **** them!

Da Truth 3 weeks ago

Mnangagwa knows the truth we need whites ,blacks ,Indians and zmbos to make it on the global village.

cde chipopi 3 weeks ago

what Blair is saying on paper makes a lot of sense but what is more importance is for Africa to have the means or the technology and expertise to add that value. However it is a sign that tense relationships between Zim and Britain are thawing. Just adopt the Look West policy ED to make it fast not that re engagement mantra of yours


Former British Prime Minister, Tonny Blair's comment is valid, but Africans must first of all develop and establish factories which process those raw materials into finished goods.

It true that our cotton is exported and brought back as clothes. Our Platinum is exported to South Africa and brought back as finished goods. The same goes on with the Diamonds. Zimbabwe must export finished goods.



Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

zipi 3 weeks ago

pasi na ed

RG Quotes 3 weeks ago

So Blair keep yr England and let me keep my Zimbabwe

Ake 3 weeks ago

Breaking News = Tony Blair backs ED Mnangagwa so Chamisa ngaav**** church kana kufudza mombe

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