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Tobacco Farmers To Venture Into Winter Wheat Production

Tobacco Farmers To Venture Into Winter Wheat Production

The Government has engaged tobacco farmers to take up winter wheat farming in a move aimed at increasing wheat production and ensuring adequate wheat stocks in the country.

Cabinet on Tuesday approved the move following a presentation on the matter by the Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development, Anxious Masuka. Part of the post-Cabinet media briefing reads:

Pertaining to wheat, Cabinet reports that in order to increase the hectarage under wheat as well as increase the output, tobacco farmers will be roped in to grow the crop.

The transition to winter wheat by tobacco farmers is a welcome move and will go a long way in boosting the supply of the cereal so that we have sufficient domestic stocks.

Cabinet is pleased to report that the country has sufficient fertilizers for winter-wheat farming.

Efforts are also being made to guarantee fertiliser supplies for the summer season.

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Zoe 3 months ago

they won't be having time for that because time of planting wheat they will be busy at auction floors and by the time they finish with auction floors it will be time for seedbeds and preparation for the next tobacco season. saka taurai zviri practical machembere imi

vky 3 months ago

joseph nyungurukwa au commenting as an expert or jus a mere comment do u know that th whole zimbabwe have less than 200 functional harvestors

a combine harvestor on a farmer like seriously
do u know th value of that machine in question

Joseph nyungurukwa 3 months ago

It's a good approach provided they have enough irrigation enough inputs enough combine harvester and the skill to grow the crop and let's hope the program will not benefit the elite

Makelanwi 3 months ago

This old people's home cabinet is taking us for a ride.There are lot of proposals which had not implemented for quite sometime.This is an iron age policy.The said farmers will probably abuse the facility.I also think this an opportunity for the connected to milk the Government coffers.The achievements of the programme will not tally with the expenditure.

cute 3 months ago

most tobacco farmers are poor they don't have irrigation equipment.They wait for rain season to come because many of them are settled away from dams.

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