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TIPS: Guide To Studying In Finland (Full Thread)

TIPS: Guide To Studying In Finland  (Full Thread)

A Nigerian Twitter user, Abiola posted a thread to help fellow Nigerians (and Africans) get an idea of how to study in Finland. We post here the thread in full for the benefit of our community on who might not have access to Twitter.

For those that have access to Twitter and want to ask Abiola questions, the thread is on this link: 

Today makes it exactly a year since I moved to Finland. From now, I am willing to assist 20 people who are interested to come to Finland in August 2023 as well.

Route: Affordable Education Bachelors, Masters or PhD.


1. Educational requirements: You should have a […] Bsc or master’s certificate and be interested in a bachelor’s , Master’s or PhD degree programme.

2. Cost. a. Between 0 – US $7 000 as tuition fee depending on scholarship you receive b. Sponsorship

What you get.

1. World class universities

2. International exposure

3. Beautiful country & people

4. Work while studying 30hrs/week

5. Permanent residence after 2 years of graduation & working

6. Citizenship after 5 years if you pass the language test.


My service is to help you decide to come to Finland and provide you with the necessary guidelines to aid your plans.

If coming for Msc, now is the right time to plan to write IELTS. for Bachelor’s degree there is no need to 5.

Joint applications start in January, 2023

Here are answers to the commonly asked questions:

1. Due to the interests this thread is generating it would be impracticable to limit/select 20 people nor to answer all my DMs, hence, I created a telegram group to offer the services I stated above.

2. I can only advise based on your interest in going through the study route, I do not know about work or any other route.

3. For MSc, writing IELTS would increase your chances of applying to different schools, application is free of charge.

4. Bsc does not require IELTS but you would take a simple test and have an interactive session with fellow applicants where your English proficiency is confirmed.

5. Obtaining a BSc education takes 3.5years, but you can complete it in 2.5 or 3 years if you have the capacity.

6. Yes, you can come with your family, if you have the funds to take care of them at the time you apply for the Finnish RP. There are other benefits attached to coming with your family, but we will discuss them later.

7. I do not know if HND is accepted.

8. No, two sitting results are not accepted.

9. For MSc studies you can get a tuition-free scholarship. BSc, it is rare to get a full scholarship. Ph.D. & Postdoc is usually fully funded. However, for Ph.D. and Postdoc, you will need to put in a lot of work.

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Ndakuenda ini

Static 1 month ago


Juliana Cherera 1 month ago

Maths Test first:
What is 0.01%?

CELESTIAL 1 month ago

mbavha siyana nesu tirikuda kumbovhota tibvise ED

Anonymous 1 month ago

I wonder who works at pindula kkkkk dzimwe news dzacho soo

Professor 1 month ago

Never entertain any thing of a Nigerian national origin, be warned everyone, unokwidzwa ndege yema shanga .

The vice Chancellor 1 month ago

Beware of Scammers, This person already have graded the types of people he wants to scam , people with masters, Doctorates, PhDs , obviously these people he knows they can afford paying something, why is he not mentioning people from high school?


VADER🇿🇦 1 month ago

Pindula itai mushe data is not that expensive .

Dr Hercules 1 month ago

Russia might attack Finland any minute rather stay in your country

Revelation 1 month ago

Why is Pindula collaborating with Scammers

gogodera 1 month ago

kunotorwa kidneys dzako

The Zimbo 1 month ago

Be careful Pindula , people tend to believe what you post , If you allow Scammers to use this platform many people may end up in tears after being duped ,

Kule Dhambi 1 month ago

Iwe pindula mira kuvhiringa vazukuru vangu netunyanya twe nhando utwu. Mavhoti ava pedo aya.

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