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Tinashe Mutarisi Draws Inspiration From Mambo Dhuterere

Tinashe Mutarisi Draws Inspiration From Mambo Dhuterere

Harare businessman, Tinashe Mutarisi, who is also the founder of Nash Paints and Nash TV, believes gospel artiste Mambo Dhuterere could become one of the finest musicians to ever come out of Zimbabwe.

Posting on his Facebook page, Mutarisi considered it a privilege to have witnessed Dhuterere’s rise from the time he was based in Botswana to now. Said Mutarisi:

Many people started to know Mambo Dhuterere later when he gained fame, but I was lucky enough to have watched the struggle to prosperity from afar.

I received his music from his former manager when he was in Botswana, from there I was used to listening to his music.

Mambo Dhuterere is slowly turning into a living legend, he is talented.

Keep on inspiring us Mambo, you have taught us that life requires one to stand firm and strong and something will eventually give.

Speaking to H-Metro, Dhuterere’s manager, Roned Mhako, said he agrees with Mutarisi’s opinion about Dhuterere. He said:

Working with Mambo Dheterere is a blessing, he co-operates a lot and he strategises plans.

Mambo Dheterere doesn’t do things haphazardly, he takes time to research and meditate, I can surely say that he is a legend in the making.

Mambo Dhuterere, real name Darlington Mutseta, has four albums under his belt namely Dhuterere (2015), Tsamba (2018), Dare Guru (2019) and Zvino Dzimba Ngoni(2020).

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Z💛D💛CK CHIKAP💛NYA 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼 3 months ago

Chamisa inenge mvura ya Mwari inonayira wese anomuda ne asingamudi, akarima ne asina, mutadzi ne mutsvene.

Kusada kwako Chamisa hakumutadzise kukumiririra kuti ukwanise kuwana kurarama kwakakukodzera.

Arikuita zvose nesimba rake kuti ramangwana rako neni rive rakajeka, ramangwana revana vako rivewo rakajeka zvekare.

Kumuda kana kusamuda Chamisa hakusi kuzomutadzisa kuunza budiriro munyika ye Zimbabwe.

Whether urimu MDC, mu Zanu or whoever you are, you are always going to enjoy the fruits of prosperity that are banked within our Party (CCC). Kuzvida or kusazvida CCC 🌀 is the wave of change for the best...

Chamisa My President,
Chamisa Your President,
Chamisa Our President.☝️💛☝️

CCC My Party,
CCC Your Party,
CCC Our Party. ☝️💛☝️

We are a united party
We are a united front
We are united Citizens.☝️💛☝️

Saka 2023 Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana.

Z💛D💛CK CHIKAP💛NYA 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼 3 months ago

Why are you so concerned about me... Let me be. Kana usingafarire my comment please I'd really appreciate it if you'd scroll down or up and just pass by. Im not really interested in your opinion and neither are you in mine.

So rather move on....

Mpostori 3 months ago

Wsh he was our vp nxt yr. cheukaiwo kuno Messiah ndine chikumbirop

Ngwendesa 3 months ago

Mamboooo Dhutsiiii Ahuwerere ahuweee

Never 3 months ago

Mambo Dhuterere all the way.

Leader of the youths (jnr) 3 months ago

Mambo Dhuterere chimdra vakaiipa avo ..mwari ngaavasesekedze varambe vachigona basa ravo rekutidzidzisa nekutiparidzira shoko through his music

Godaz 3 months ago

Mambo dhuterere zvava zvinhu.Ndabvunza Emanuel

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