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Tilbury Primary School Loses Six Pupils In ZCC Bus Accident

Tilbury Primary School Loses Six Pupils In ZCC Bus Accident

Two more pupils from Tilbury Primary School died on Monday from injuries they sustained in the St Charles Lwanga bus accident.

This means the school has now lost six pupils, five of which are from the same class.

The bus was carrying 105 members of the Zion Christian Church (ZCC) from Chimanimani who were on their annual Easter pilgrimage to Bikita when it veered off the road and hurtled down a steep slope.

The accident occurred along the Jopa-Skyline Road last week when the bus’ brakes failed causing it to career into a deep ravine.

Initially, it was reported that three grade six students from the same class died on the spot, which also claimed another student from a different class.

Speaking to, the teacher of the deceased pupils, Hardwork Makamanzi, said he was informed by authorities of the death of two more pupils. Said Makamanzi:

I have just received news that two more students in my class have succumbed to the accident’s injuries.

I really do not have words to describe how this disaster has personally affected me as well as the other remaining students.

To me, it’s like I have lost close family members.

A lot of people here are members of ZCC and there are chances that they might have been on the ill-fated bus with their parents.

I pray and hope that those who are still in hospitals will make it.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is yet to release the names of the victims of the accident as they are still conducting investigations.


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ngezha pa harare 1 month ago

so sad , ko kuzoti lagguage ummm weight yebuz inenge yatova chi goots train apa rakananga kumateru🛤️ ...covid yakauya kuzomisa nzendo nemisangano yakadai , vakuru vemachechi anoshedza vanhu kumisangano yakadai vanoda kusungiswa 🔗

Mary Mubaiwa 1 month ago

when counting figures during accident even mwana abarwa nhasi anowerengwa wakagumira grade aniko iwe mazupuko anokwira vanhu wangani 75 seating 22 standing ko warikumusana kana pamakumbo aaaa musatinyaudza apa

PR ndlovu 1 month ago

maybe it was a double decker bus , church leaders must be prosecuted how on earth can they allow such a number in a single bus ,

Chik 1 month ago

MTSRIP, it could be sign that God wants to warn people against man worshipping. some of these church owners are fake.

Lionel 1 month ago

Hie the Bible itself says God does not kill people, accidents happen because we're living in a world thats in the power of the evil one 1 (John 5:19) meaning Satan.

putin 1 month ago

**** ZRP mbungo maZANU


Zvimbazi 1 month ago

i bus rekupi iri rinopinda vanhu 105?
i ndege here?
zrp patrol our roads please!

Harry Potter 1 month ago

Zrp hatiide mu Road, team yekutora mari iya, no enforcement

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