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Three Zimbabweans Shot Dead In Western Cape, SA

Three Zimbabweans Shot Dead In Western Cape, SA

Three Zimbabwean nationals were found dead with gunshot wounds in the Western Cape province of South Africa on Sunday morning.

Organised crime detectives who are investigating the deaths have called for anyone with information related to the shootings to contact their nearest police station.

Provincial police spokesperson Novela Potelwa said the detectives were probing the murders after police were called out to Sakhelwe Street, Mbekweni, Paarl at about 5 AM on Sunday. He said:

One body was lying inside the vehicle, another behind the same vehicle, and the third one inside a shack on the premises.

The ages of the deceased people are 30, 33 and 40. Their identities will be released once their next of kin have been informed.

Community Safety MEC Reagen Allen expressed shock over rising mass murder cases in rural towns in the Western Cape. Said Allen:

Not so long ago, we were faced with a similar shooting in Tulbagh. Our rural towns are not known for these types of horrendous crimes, and it cannot become the norm. We dare not allow this lawlessness to take root and continue.

We need to flush out all aspects of criminality and take our communities back.

Ian Cameron, director of Community Safety of non-profit organisation Action Society, said:

If I look at these shootings and the time I spent in Mbekweni, I don’t find it (the fatalities) surprising.

I think Mbekweni has very serious violent criminals that reside there. We are actually involved in a few cases there but those are more gender-based violence related.

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mama Bee 1 month ago

zvomopera tisati tavhota😭

mwenewazvo 1 month ago

nhai nhai,ngavadzoke vavhote

Captain Jack Sparrow 1 month ago

Do you earnestly think that voting will pay their bills? You will for a pauper thinking a change of government will solve you personal problems, keep on whining while we keep on SHINING kkkkk ZANU all the way ...

Sydie roe 1 month ago

Zvinoku nakidza nekuti vamwe munokwanisa kuno rapwa kunze kwenyika but citizens are suffering, vana venyu vachinodzidza kunze

CCC 1 month ago

who told him they'll vote for ccc anyway?

Kule Dhambi 1 month ago

Saka takabvisirei Simiti?

emperor 1 month ago


Captain Jack Sparrow 1 month ago

The majority of Zimbabwe in SA blames the government for their failures in life, a poverty mentality is what they were groomed on and it is the same mentality CCC is cultivating in you, your glorious bright future will always be a mirage whilst we the ZANUcrats will live in the NOW and make this nation great....

Sb 1 month ago

MaFailures api amotaura imi wacho mune vana vasiri kuenda kuzvikoro nenhau yeGvt yamuri kumiririra. Kana uchiti tikupa blame kuGvt so u mean the whole zim had failed.. coz chero vane chikoro including vashandi veGvt varikuchema .... You must change your opinions

mutsa 1 month ago

ana msoro bhangu musanyepere vanhu. zanoids are suffering more than ccc. we know them and we see them daily.


dispenser 1 month ago

forcing people to like yu , Zanu . Our parents in e rurals are being threatened every now and again

ZEC 1 month ago

@Captain Jack Sparrow utori mupengo zvako iwee..nyika ine 90% unemployment wotoiti yakanaka..fudzamombe

pk 1 month ago

unoda kupinzwa nani basa. pauri ipapo pane basa. kuzanu zviri kutofaya, iwe uchingofamba ne percentage of unemployment.

Chikumba 1 month ago

Tsvagai mabasa pane kungoukura nezve gvt hazvichinje chinhu izvozvo

Chikumba 1 month ago

Tsvagai mabasa pane kungoukura nezve gvt hazvichinje chinhu izvozvo

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