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Three Zimbabweans Burnt Beyond Recognition In South Africa

Three Zimbabweans Burnt  Beyond Recognition In South Africa

Three Zimbabwean nationals were burnt to death in Chavani Village outside Elim on Saturday, reported GroundUp.

The three Zimbabweans had been accused of stealing cables and solar panels.

Following the attack, about 200 immigrants fled their homes into the bush or other villages. Some were forced out of their houses by vigilante groups.

Makhado police spokesperson Sergeant Tshifhiwa Irene Radzilani said the three Zimbabweans “were burnt beyond recognition”.

Police have opened murder cases but no arrests have been made.

Malume Chinabwa, from the Kagisano (seTswana for living together harmoniously) programme, run by the Lawyers for Human Rights (LHR) in Elim and Musina said:

Since Saturday more than 200 foreigners – Zimbabweans, Mozambicans and Malawians – have been calling me for assistance.

During the day, they try to visit townships where they are not known, in search of food but spend the night in bushes.

Elim resident Francis Thiba told GroundUp that at about 6 PM on Saturday a group of youths, including women, came to his residence.

He said his wife and three children were ordered to leave and they fled to the bush. Police later rescued them the same day.

Thiba was beaten on the head and in the face before he was rescued by Waterval police at about 7 PM who took him to Elim hospital.

He was discharged on Tuesday and joined his family at Waterval police station, where they had sheltered for three days.

Thiba, who has been living in Shirley village, Elim, for over ten years, has been in South Africa since 2000.

He said they are prepared to leave for Zimbabwe, but he has no money for transport.

Meanwhile, police have called on the community not to take the law into their hands.

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1 week ago

Ma1. Ndokupera kwemashoko angu

gire 1 week ago

shame shuwa dzokai kumusha

Chelsea 1 week ago

Dzokai muvhote.

Sabhuku 1 week ago

kana zvanetsa zvemashuwa vachadzoka kumusha

OG 1 week ago

Vakomana nevasikana dzokai thankx kune vakabatsira☝️☝️☝️

TTMoyo 1 week ago


T Moyo 1 week ago

come back home.

Mary M**** 1 week ago

Kudzokera nhamo here nxaaaaa iwewe wakatadziswa kubuda nani nxaaaa


MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 week ago

Why can't you just come back home and fight this battle together. Muchapera 1 by 1

mega 1 week ago

chinja magear

Sorojena 1 week ago

There is no statement in the story that asserts that the murdered victims are Zimbabweans

Citizen raPep naChamisa 1 week ago

All you hear them say is Hazviitike kuno kunzvimbo dzinevarungu.Kuno kuDurban kurisafe🙄🙄🙄.Haa chete it’s in our DNA as Zimbabweans to deny the truth.Tarisai muone Scarfmore 🧣 vazotiza maprotestor kuNew York.A perfect example of munhu asingabvume chokwadi 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

ccc 1 week ago

imbouyai kumba team rangu timboona kut ndekapi ndekapi otherwise mhuka dzemu s.a dznotipedza

dzokai 1 week ago

muchimbofirei SA yacho ava mashanga sekuno

😎 1 week ago

Kudzoka dzokai but musadzoke kuzotibirawo,coz avo vafa varokunzi dzanga dziri mbavha

bhuru 1 week ago

ndakakuudzai kare kut huyai kumba honai zvatanga manje.....ungaenda joni kunoba tambo dzekusungisa mombe mmmm shame

Black Jack 1 week ago

Hey, kuri kuda kunzi uri kuS.A. here, Uchiswero mhanyiswa. Kugara musango kasi makasiya mapisa misha here kwamu nobva??? Come back home mhani. Or makasiya MABA MuZimbabwe ???

Shampoo 1 week ago

Is it true kuti hanzi mbavha hobho ku South ma Zimbabweans??? Veduwe, tichapona here ne matsotsi iwaya?????

#Silas_Mavende 1 week ago

Haaa uko dzinochekwa baba.come home & vote for the "greener pastures" you yearn for!!!

PVC 1 week ago

kana usina mari yekudzokesa urikuiteyi zvasiyaneyi neari kuteya mbeva kuzim shame sitereki come back home and restrategies

Tateguru 1 week ago

Please come home. Isu tiriko wani!

shaa 1 week ago

varikushungirira chero zvakaoma kudaro but haiwavo vanouya chete dead or alive.

fun time 1 week ago

I think the South Africans have crossed the red line. Any further destruction of migrants lives will invite a fireball you have never imagined. 90%of South Africa is flat land, my battalion will turn it into hell and you have no mountains to hide in. Invasion is imminent if you continue to spill sacred blood!! I do not want to repeat this!

fun time 1 week ago

I think the South Africans have crossed the red line. A ball if fire is coming your way if you continue to spill blood like that. A well trained battalion will invade from the celestial realm and your soils will boil under your feet. Allow my people freedom of movement and your days will live longer in your country whose majestic structures bear the fingerprints of my forefathers and his pension fund is lingering in the FNBs and Absas of Sandton yet my forefathers are long gone, yet their sweat filtered into the vessels of Kimberly baobab trees and their fruit can bear a strong testimony of my fathers hardwork to make S. Africa look like it is today. Be warned, any single silly harassment will invite an invasion!! I do not want to repeat this!

fun time 1 week ago

Hey Pindula, removing my prophetic comments will only make the fulfillment of my vision faster and more profound. Your platform will carry numerous articles on the consequences of what you just hid from this fora.

fun time 1 week ago

Hey moderator, you can not be a coward and allow cowardice to rule the world into extinction and wanton distraction of innocent lives

Eng 6 days ago

Muchangwara kusvika mauya kumusha tixobvisa chikara chatambudza vanhu chinozi Zanu

6 days ago

Muchapiswa mukapera ikoko

Arnold Moyo 6 days ago

👉ma ungekho ngakini relax bro, not ukupepereka angathi ukogogo wakho 👈

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