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Three School Heads Perish In Car Accident

Three School Heads Perish In Car Accident

Three school heads from Masvingo Province died in an accident on Thursday morning while travelling to Harare.

According to The Mirror, the three school heads were travelling to Harare to plead to the Social Welfare Department for the release of Basic Education Assistance Module (BEAM) Funds for their pupils when the accident occurred.

They were all from special schools for physically and mentally children. The learners had not received a cent from the government to run the schools since the third term opened on 4 September.

Two of the heads, Ratidzo Zimcare’s Sabelo Zuvurawa and Margaretha Hugo (Copota) School for the Blind Primary head, Clever Madzokere died on the spot.

The third school head, Tapiwa Madamombe, of Margaretha Hugo Secondary School passed away on Sunday at Harare Hospital.

A fourth headmaster, Stanley Tavonga Feya of Henry Murray School for the Deaf was lucky to escape possible injury or death as he got to the pick-up point late and was left behind.

The vehicle, a Ford Ranger, belonged to Margaretha Hugo Schools and was donated by Leonard Cheshire.

It reportedly overturned several times near Mvuma at around 7:30 AM. It was being driven by Madzokere.

The Mirror reported sources as saying mist covered the road when they reached Fairfields. The vehicle reportedly veered off the road and overturned as Madzokere tried to steer it back onto the road.

Feya confirmed the travel arrangements to The Mirror, saying the four school heads agreed to meet at Wigley House in Masvingo at 6 AM and use the Margetha Hugo vehicle for the trip. He said:

We had agreed to travel to Harare together to meet the Social Welfare department heads to air our concerns.

Schools opened recently and we have not received a cent from Social Welfare which funds our operations.

I was overwhelmed with work and arrived late at Wigley House and found the other three gone.

It is shocking how they died while travelling to create a better environment for their pupils.

Meanwhile, the director of Chosen Generation, an organisation which works with children with disabilities, Vimbai Chase, said they were devastated by the loss. She said:

We had just planned a talent show at Margaretha Hugo School for next week.

It is indeed a sad day for us as we worked closely with the deceased three heads.

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Pupil 4 months ago

Rest in peace ma Sir , nguva inokwana ne nzira dzakasiyana siyana. Kumhuri dzasara ndinongoti sorry zvenyu

Teacher 4 months ago

Feya akadya munyumwa kkkk.RIP guys.

Billey 4 months ago

Road accidents has all along been a common way of leaving this southern country going 6 feet deep underground.

May the souls of the deceased rest in peace, tisu tasara

ED Mnangagwa 4 months ago

R.I.P To the Head'z it is so sad that they died for the pupils sack and condolences to the Family

Another blood added in corrupt leader's hands 4 months ago

Nothing pains more like read a name of someone whom you know pakadai especially the bond of the roots
Varikuchema chemai netariro even isusu tichatevera 😭😭
Kana dai zvaitobvira varikuchema pamwe neni wacho dai tatotanga hedu kuumba hukama hwedu naBaba Ishe muvambi nemukwanisi wekururama vari Ivo Musiki wedenga nepasi cz nothing good can be found in this corrupt World kunze kweShoko ravakatipa .
Dai hurumende yaive yakazadzisa zvayakavimbisa daiVaMadzokere nevamwe vavo tiinavo nhasi

betti 4 months ago

kana ini ndarwadziwa ndakadzidza nemwana wawo zororai murugare

4 months ago

tafman 4 months ago

so sad indeed,, the three died a painful death in the name of BEAM. MTDSRIEP

Surprised Onlooker 4 months ago

It's becoming a black spot same area where BG (Boarder Gezi ) perished MTSRIEP.


cas chaiye 4 months ago

margaretha Hugo 2 haerdmasters tell us the truth

cas chaiye 4 months ago

margaretha Hugo 2 haerdmasters tell us the truth

@cas chaiye 4 months ago

Tanga wagona kunyora pakati Headmaster

Felix 4 months ago

so sad RIP

fit 4 months ago

and Watson .Muhoni same spot. MTSRIEP

old skool 4 months ago

sometimes God speaks in different ways kunonoka kuumwe wavo was there savior they should have waited for him meaning the were not going to meet the mist.Zvinhu zvose zvinoitwa nechikodzero we should learn to be patient it is for our betterment

4 months ago

Go well ma headmaster you died for a worthy cause Mwari vakurangarireyi

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