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Three Robbers Jailed For A Combined 130 Years

Three Robbers Jailed For A Combined 130 Years

Three armed robbers have been jailed for a total of 130 years for 11 counts of violent crime in Beitbridge, NewsDay reported.

Beitbridge Regional Magistrate Innocent Bepura convicted the trio, Charles Chekenyere (24), Marshal Mutekwa (27) and Julias Chibharo (37), of crimes that were committed from July to October 2021.

Magistrate Bepura said society was safe without the convicts. Said the magistrate:

Homes, where people should feel safe, were no longer safe when you broke into several homes and used violence in your heinous acts. The Beitbridge community was subjected to fear and noone felt safe.

Chekenyere was jailed for 40 years, Mutekwa and Chibharo for 60 and 30 years respectively.

They will, however, serve 30, 40 and 25 respectively after some years were suspended on condition of good behaviour.

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what good behaviour 1 month ago

jail beits know of good behavior and pretent

Chinese zodiac 1 month ago

Yaaaa yaaaa zviri ridhiculasiii ! Marobbers ese akapiwa such sentencies robbery will be thing of the past

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Ndini ndadaro 🙅🏽‍♀

Kopo 1 month ago

Yaa very good,, vamwe vavo vanoona kut kuba hakubhadhare

Investigator 1 month ago

A great leap in the right direction,,, may Mr lower magistrate man emulate the same.... Tired of bail tales

Chinese Zodiac 1 month ago

@ you, Robbers don't need sentence but to be gunned down coz they heartless and lengthy sentence won't change them coz to them its just a game that they got addicted to like sports batting

WhiteHead 1 month ago

I Agree with you @Chinese Zodiac , no number of years is enough to punish these robbers , death sentence is the solution becoz they can still steal guns and other weaponry and use them to escape from prison and commit more crime



dispenser 1 month ago

who wld be proud to kill someone. Death sentence is of God.

Godless 1 month ago

There is no God.

kg 1 month ago

why not life in prison.tongai mushe vatongi movanzwira tsitsi dzei.good behavior pamhondi.vari good papi

Tintin 1 month ago

10 yrs in a Zim prison is life in prison.

kg 1 month ago

yamuna hangman here ndizopedza navo in.ndipinzei basa imbavha ka idzi uye umhondi

mtt 1 month ago

this is a deterrent sentence i support it 100%. in botswana if u a found selling cds of botswana artists uchiita piracy 1000pula or 30 days in prison. and piracy ishoma dont know why zimbabwe not adopting that.

Hokoyo 1 month ago

@mtt that's why u always put up rubbish political comments in favour of Zanu Pf. Now I know wakambotengesa maCD kuBotswana. Then u came back to Zimbabwe and joined the Ruining party.

Tete 1 month ago

Good, vamwe vachabuda vaguma ura

captain America 1 month ago

zvitori nani jail sentence ko avo ma robber anopihwa bail ndovakaba zvaaita sei. vese should rot in prison without option of bail . life sentence is the appropriate charge for these cowards

Angry citizen 1 month ago

Ngavaite zvinoitwa ku china, mhondi dzinouraiwa same day pavabatiwa, team piracy ma life sentence, team corruption kuurawa futi, havamise, kutizadzira majeri nekuda kwevanhu vakadai hazvibatsire.

1 month ago

gava 1 month ago

Good news lock them

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