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Three Cousins Fatally Assault Policeman On Christmas Day

Three Cousins Fatally Assault Policeman On Christmas Day

Three cousins from Jotsholo in Lupane were arrested for allegedly taking turns to assault a police officer at a beer drink on Christmas Day leading to his death a day later.

The suspects, Lizwe Tshuma (18), Nowell Tshuma (20) and Forget Tshuma (20), all of Sikhali 1 village under Chief Mabhikwa, recently appeared in court for the murder of Mandleni Ncube (31) of the same village.

They were not asked to plead to murder when they appeared before Lupane resident magistrate Ndumo Masuku.

The three suspects were remanded in custody to 12 January 2023 and were advised to apply to the High Court for bail.

The court heard that the murder took place at Jabhiwa business centre in Jotsholo on Christmas Day. Prosecutor Zandile Lauren Ndebele said:

On the 25th of December at around 11:30 PM the deceased was standing at the veranda of Saphiwa Kuhle store wearing a police uniform.

He was greeted by the informant Sicelo Moyo who was heading to where some people were drinking.

Moments later the informant heard a noise coming from the direction where the deceased was where he was having an argument with one Makhosi Mpala which prompted him to go outside the bar and check.

It was alleged that while the now-deceased policeman was arguing with Mpala, Lizwe approached from the back holding a knobkerrie.

Lizwe allegedly struck the cop once on the head and ran away.

The deceased fell down on his face and became unconscious.

The court heard that Nowell came with a log and hit him once on the back of the thighs and ran away.

Forget also came and struck the cop with an empty bottle of beer on the head and fled, the court heard.

Ndebele said the informant tried to render first aid by pouring water on an unconscious Ncube who was bleeding from the mouth and nose but to no avail.

Ncube was then rushed to Tshongogwe Hospital where he was transferred to St Luke’s Hospital but he died on admission.

A report was made to the police leading to the arrest of the three cousins. | Chronicle

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Ali Tinasheba albamohamed 3 weeks ago

Mu CIO uyo imbwa yemunhu kugona kufira mvura chete
Munhu anogara ñepfuti kutadza kumurwira kugona ku ripota chete
Atidi vanhu vanoda basa ivo vasingarigoni

Dertin 3 weeks ago

Those cousins deserve to rot in jail, if they can kill a law agent then it means they can do worse to the civilians

Mutsvangwa 3 weeks ago

It's sanctions

NHUBU 3 weeks ago

ko ndebele abva nekupi munyaya iyi????

3 weeks ago

SRM 3 weeks ago

Its corruption

Joker🃏 3 weeks ago

Vanga vamwa three cousins musi weChristmas varegei

Ed 3 weeks ago

Hahaha saw wat u dd ther... Bt ava vanga vanwa havo tumbwa


NHUBU 3 weeks ago

but vanhu munenge magarwa nei zveshuwa zvekusvika kupaza munhu kusvikira afa, munodzoka sei mu society kana mabva kujeri

Jah 🇿🇼 Tsvarie-07 3 weeks ago

From hero to zero
vaida kuonererwa are now remanded in prison to face their heroin, nxxh dog section 🤔 so unnecessary and dangerously wrong...

Dofo 3 weeks ago

@Ali Tinasheba,,zvekuti mu CIO wazviwanepi kkk informant hazvirevi mu CIO musamhanyira kuita number one ku commenter zvamusinganzwisisi

Mzukulu 3 weeks ago

No guys you don't do that to law enforcement agents. This is purely wrong. For the why? These deserve to languish in prison.

Vekuye kuye 3 weeks ago

So is it okay to do that to ordinary civilians?

mlambo 3 weeks ago

mhepo inopera waenda kujeri

i 3 weeks ago

Bt why killing each other,nomatter mupurisa or what ..haaa guys let's behave like human

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