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Three African Billionaires Increase In Net Worth Despite Global Economic Challenges

Three African Billionaires Increase In Net Worth Despite Global Economic Challenges

Three African billionaires increased in net worth in 2022 despite global economic challenges which saw the fortunes of the world’s 500 richest individuals take a hit with a total loss of $1.4 trillion.

Nassef Sawiris, Nicky Oppenheimer, and Abdul Samad Rabiu all saw significant increases in their net worth over the course of the year, according to data from Billionaires.Africa.

1). Egyptian billionaire Nassef Sawiris:

Nassef who is the eldest son of the late Egyptian industrialist Onsi Sawiris, saw his wealth increase by more than $500 million in 2022. He sits on the boards of Adidas and OCI N.V. The performance of Sawiris’ 38.8-per cent stake in OCI N.V., helped boost his net worth from $6.5 billion on December 31, 2021, to $7.03 billion on December 31, 2022.

2). Nigerian billionaire Abdul Samad Rabiu:

He also saw his wealth increase significantly in 2022, with a rise of $2.2 billion mainly due to the listing of Rabiu’s food company, BUA Foods Plc, on the Nigerian Exchange on January 5, 2022. It is also attributed to the strong performance of his stake in BUA Cement, one of Africa’s fastest-growing cement companies. Rabiu’s net worth has now increased from $5.6 billion to $7.8 billion.

3). South African billionaire Nicky Oppenheimer:

He saw a more modest increase in his wealth in 2022, with a rise of $75 million. This was enough to put him on the list of African billionaires whose wealth increased in the previous year and to push his net worth above the $8-billion mark. Oppenheimer’s fortune is derived from private equity investments made through Stockdale Street in London and Tana Africa Capital in Johannesburg in Africa, Asia, the United States, and Europe.

The combination of industrial assets and diverse investment portfolios assisted the billionaires in defying the economic challenges of 2022 and emerging with even greater wealth.

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The Bush Doctor 👨‍🔬 1 month ago

The love of Money is the root of all evil...

1 month ago

It's because you don't have lotsa lutto

Ace♠️ 1 month ago

Nekuti iwe hauna🤣

Schworz 1 month ago

@bush doctor because hauna Mari zveee iwee chirebvu kunge corner yesaga.
ends unoshanda kana kuita zve Bitcoin zviri kupa vanhu vakaita semufana anonzi Fx Broker

ko masiiwa na makandiwa 1 month ago

pa list iro avakwanewo hre

jigsaw 1 month ago

I think only those who increased networth were mentioned,coz Dangote is not mentioned here

Prophet TB Virus 1 month ago

chimbozvivhunza kuty wasarirey pavanhu vatatuu avooo

ko masiiwa na makandiwa avakwanewo here pa list iro 1 month ago

Ashley Scott

Totito 1 month ago

Ko Sakunda ya Kuda na Susan iri pa number ani?

Zuze 1 month ago

We are talking serious business people here not Thives by Statute (Vori v Zakone in Russian). Kuda isn't a businessman, he is a Tenderpreneur.


Where is Passion Java 1 month ago

Sure Aripi

Zuze 1 month ago


Uri kutaura aka kekukwereta morikari here? Kekukanda tuma DollarUS mu street? Wakamboonepi munhu ane mari achirasa mari?

Tibvire kumhepo

Asi mari yaMasiiwa irikupera. 1 month ago

Haapo wani

money 1 month ago

money answereth all

1 month ago

Although i can not take away their gifts and talents the headline account for dishonest ( havasi kubira varombo here avo munyika yevatema

Melex 1 month ago

Guys l'm thinking of making a crypto currency do you think it's a wise choice?

@marekisi 1 month ago

it's a wise choice if you intend to use it kumba kwako nemhuri yako.

melex at 1 month ago

I advise you to go hang

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