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Thomas Mapfumo's Percussionist And Brother Lancelot Mapfumo Dies

Thomas Mapfumo's Percussionist And Brother Lancelot Mapfumo Dies

Thomas Mapfumo’s brother and percussionist, Lancelot Mapfumo has died.

Lancelot was one of two of Thomas Mapfumo‘s brothers who played with the Blacks Unlimited for the longest time. Details about his death are still sketchy.

Messages of condolence have started pouring. Pindula News presents some of the messages:

Madyira @MitchellMGumbo:

Waking up to the painful news that long-serving Blacks’ Unlimited percussionist and brother to Thomas Mapfumo, Lancelot Mapfumo “has passed the surly bonds of the Earth to touch the face of God”… RIP. You made Chimurenga music to be the fire it is!

hudsonmwafulirwa @babahuddy:

Oh really bad news what a loss may soul rest in peace my God the band will never be the same I really enjoyed the ngoma he played

Taka @Taka_Shaya:

So sad. Rest in peace Lancelot. The story of Thomas Mapfumo and his music is never complete without you.


Deepest condolences on the death of Thomas Mapfumo’s backup singer/percussionist and his brother Lancelot Mapfumo. Lancelot was one of two of Mapfumo‘s brothers who played with the Blacks Unlimited for the longest time. More details to follow. Our deepest condolences. MHRIP.

Fr. Reki @FrReki:

Lancelot’s loyalty was noble and venerable. He was a true man rasta committed to the Chimurenga movement. Ohh we will miss his devotion on the drums and his passion for music. Fare thee well son of Chimurenga Vibes.

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sugar boy 4 months ago

MHSRP Ndarwadziwa

T mbune 4 months ago

Oh!! Sorry tinehurombo zvikuru may his soul rest in peace

skies 4 months ago

I will provide everything for funeral service bcse he died while performing

S-400 4 months ago

Rest in peace ✌

zus 4 months ago

so sad MHSRP

4 months ago

kunyeba uko


MHSRP. What a big loss.


Sir African. 4 months ago

He was a great percussionists, first saw him at Chitungwiza's Seke Hall in the early 80s doing what he knew best .May his soul rest in peace.If heroes was not filled with thieves it would have been the best place for him.

Dai Ari mukoma Tomas boe 4 months ago

has Tomas nguva yakwana saka IFA mhani hauchina chekuimba

Jojo Zvenyika Chenjera 4 months ago

End of an era. The bira and pungwe guru. Ranzi as he was affectionately known has gone with his charming percussion instruments. The key traditional conga guitarist. Truly traditional. Veritably African chimurenga guru. Remembered at 7 Miles hotel,the Queens,Hotel Liz,Fed,Hide-Out,Mushandirapamwe. Indeed Jojo Zvenyika Chenjera. Mafirakureva. Nyangwe Mukandi zonda.RIP.

Night xul Graduate 4 months ago

Rainbow paMurombedzi every Christmas

C karimaruva 4 months ago

1ndeed he was a genius ,go well my brother Lancee

Mafirakureva 4 months ago

@Jojo Chenjera, those were the days.
Corruption- Nothing for Nothing packing Hide Out 99 nepaSkyline apo. Mukanya achibata mari yake ega.

frank shaca 4 months ago

Nemata.budziko aaekuru Lancelot zororai murugaŕè

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