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Thomas Mapfumo To Relocate To South Africa

Thomas Mapfumo To Relocate To South Africa

Zimbabwean music legend Thomas Mapfumo has been given a piece of land to build a home by a South African chief.

The 76-year-old United States-based singer sent a message of gratitude to chief Livhuwani Matsila of Matsila village outside Thohoyandou in Limpopo Province, South Africa, for offering him a piece of land.

“Mukanya”, as he is affectionately known, has resolved to relocate to South Africa, according to SABC News.

In his message to the South African traditional leader, Mapfumo, who has been vocal against the ZANU PF-led Government, said:

I thank you very much for the land you gave me and I feel honoured. I want to say thank you so much for making me part of your people really I appreciate it.

Chief Livhuwani Matsila said Mapfumo’s residence in his area will be a source of inspiration for young musicians. He said:

We felt that we should have a place of residence here at Matsila village just to honour him and his family for the contribution he has made to promoting African culture and music.

His international exposure will surely benefit our young ones in terms of participating in culture and music, his status internationally is a symbol that Africa can achieve greater objectives.

Mapfumo has been living in Canada and the United States after his relationship with the ZANU PF-led Government turned sour.

More: SABC News

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Parasite 1 month ago

Thomas may you please come back home. Do you want to die in foreign land where you will be buried with people without feets. Stop being nomadic , the other day you are in canada next day USA and now SA. Stop it now isn't time now for you to come back home and enjoy your last days of your life with your close relatives.?

Mamvemve 1 month ago

Nyika iya yamaichemera
Zvino yaita mamvemve 🎤🎤
Chipotle Chipotle iwee bereka mwana tiende🎤🎤🎼🎷

Zuze 1 month ago

Nothing for nothing 🎤🎤
Corruption is the society...🎵🎵🎶🎶🎶
Corruption is the society...🎵🎵🎶🎶🎶

King Kush 1 month ago

Mkanya woyee..sasay yamalava maiziva but haa mkanya bhoo thx my fav artist kusvika ndife cz he isba true reflection of ghetto he z the voice of the voiceless like winky, ..but anozombosasisa nekutaurisa zvisiko ndoska achizotsomwa nevanhu kkk


Tateguru 1 month ago

Tozvireva kupiko 🎼🎵🎶🔊

Dirigsme 1 month ago

Zimbabwe's only and one true prophet. He is a living legend. All the Javas,Magayas & Makandiwas are false Prophets. His songs,his philosophy & his unflinching stance on human rights are trademarks of a national hero. Mkanya Tafirenyika the Chimurenga guru is a living testimony of a liberation hero. Hate him or like him he will be in the history annuls for many generations to come as a fighter and pro people man. He is totally a nemesis and paradox of tyrants and corrupt regime. Whether he dies in South Africa or America the Ndoenda Guruve icon will have more fans and admirers than ED,Chiwenga,Charamba and all Zanu ediots combined. Mafirakureva Chamunorwa nyangwe mukandizonda.

dispenser 1 month ago

He have never said he hate nor he don't want Zimbabwe ,but to a normal person who have fillings fr other people in seeing them being brutalized by this gvt it cld not do well with him.n not him alone

dispenser 1 month ago

He have never said he hate nor he don't want Zimbabwe ,but to a normal person who have fillings fr other people in seeing them being brutalized by this gvt it cld not do well with him.n not him alone

Cde Cimba 1 month ago

Wagona mudhara huya ufire padhuze nekumusha. At least for now we can afford to fly you to Harare..then give you a he**** to take you to Guruve. Blood is thicker than water. Varungu vawai bigger havana kana one acre yavakakupa asi a fellow African blackman akupa pekuvakawo. I think wadzidza mudhara.

Zuze 1 month ago

Mukanya haana kumboobvira aita support varubgu. Remember "Tumira vana kuhondo"?

Akatiza ZANU aimba "Corruption"

Rm 1 month ago

Headline irikuti to relocate but nyaya yongoti akapiwa land

Jah🇿🇼Tsvatie-07 1 month ago

Home is best england is a **** chifeve inoda mari inotokona veko varungu kuzoti mapfumo nembira dzake ahii 😂

grade 4 1 month ago

how is mapfumo a Zim legend? anyway ko zvoodzoka chakonesa kungoti agareko zvachose chii? so funny

xxxx 1 month ago

You are an ignorant little brat, a joke so funny so ****.

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

Iwe mpfana @grade 4 wadii wanotamba nevezera rako

Zuze 1 month ago

@grade4, Pauchasvika grade 1, ndipo pauchaziva. Iye zvino enda unoita weti usazowetera mugumbeze

g 1 month ago

apa paipa manje. vakomana vanongomuyambukira pamhiri apo

twabam 1 month ago

aaaa akuzofa manje...pajoza pane opeartion dudula ka apa

Kanda 1 month ago

@bori ndosaka uribori kufa kana kuva mupenyu he is talking of vanhu vanemisha kuSA Saka chero akafa mkadzi wake anogara kuChikombedzi uribori rechikiti

bori 1 month ago

bori iwee vavhenda ukutauraa vanhu vakafaa why Amon mvula ane makore mangani afa

VaVhenda 1 month ago

Limpopo province is good as Zimbabwe Jonah Moyo, Zozo , Tshigomboza , Penny Penny, Amon Mvula, Jacob " munoti**** " Moyana the list is endless they have stands and live in South Africa with full citizenship

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