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"This Time We Will Do Things Differently" - CCC President Chamisa

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa has said the party will do things differently in an apparent response to calls for the party to form grassroots structures and craft a constitution.

Among those calling for the CCC to establish membership structures and a constitution, for governance purposes, is self-exiled former Information Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo. He argues:

CCC has a leadership structure with a President, Spokesperson, Treasurer General, etc; but it has no membership structures & has no constitution. Since #CCC seeks power to govern Zim, the public is entitled to know where #CCC leadership has come from & how it’s held accountable?

The issue arises because #CCC says it is not a rebranded political party, but is a brand new political formation. The time has come for Zim to consider registering political parties. Parties with no constitution, no structures & no founding processes should not contest elections!

It is not and it cannot be in the public interest to have a secret society masquerading as a political party, to contest elections for public office. That is just wrong and it has no precedence anywhere in the world. In fact, it is very scary from a societal point of view!

CCC supporters have said there was no need for the party to have “visible” structures. Chamisa seems to be supportive of the latter view. He said:

THIS TIME We will do things differently. Citizens at the centre!

They are spending millions of taxpayers’ money to infiltrate the Citizens movement by recruiting and training operatives meant to destabilize. We are ahead of them!

Some say structures are there but are invisible.

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JP 2 weeks ago

Chamisa is scared of a constitution bcz he has a problem with respecting it. How is he going to run the country while he’s scared of a constitution. Pple are jus desperate for change hence Chamisa chero zvaaita zviri right. We want change of governance not of gvnmnt . So thez nid to hve someone who do things differently but as of now. CCC hvnt proved its difference

Mwana Wemsango 2 weeks ago

😂😂😂 Chamisa zero dzega dzega too much sasi apa action ine maresults kudhara ...toendepi senyika

Gafa 2 weeks ago

We enjoy short stories kwete ngano munhu anonyora bhuku nxaa

Gafa 2 weeks ago

Structures!! this is political dynamics Zanu madyiwa ne generation gap CCC ndizvo kkkk

T1 2 weeks ago

Vote CCC


Crocodile 2 weeks ago

@Zvimbazi, Kuroorwa kwaMahere kana kuroora kwaBiti ndokuchaita kuti mugone here kugadzira economy here nhaiwe benzi iye zvino Zimbabwe yave open for poverty kusanyara kweZanu

CCC 2 weeks ago


domingos rui 2 weeks ago

Jona, just shut up. You have been part of the mess architects. Advise your former colleagues.

Blue 2 weeks ago

Ko blue vave kushandisa net1 here kkkk

Al-haj Kane 2 weeks ago

Ehe arikuthayimira ma free SMS ku netone

Maparamuro 2 weeks ago

Keep anupf guessing but not the voters, hope you can balance the act

MuSabatha(SDA) 2 weeks ago

Manje pasina ma structures ipapo ndipo patiri kutoda. We march day and night for chamisa and we march for change

2 weeks ago

Nahoreka 2 weeks ago

Uyo anonzi zvimbazi akatorasika njere. He does not have anything meaningfull to contribute. A confused heap of flesh of the Piuas Jamba calibre.

Chipoko chaJudah jongwe 2 weeks ago

If CCC have structures tinofa nekuurawa nemaZanu munhu wese pfee muballot box kunoisa Pana Chamisa. This year kunenge kusina 23 ma president ekupenga. I feel sorry for Douglas Mwonzora " zero man".

Zvimbazi 2 weeks ago

The problem is that most of you think that COLONISATION is a thing of the past and that it will not happen again. USA is targeting Zim.

Thats why it has several millitary bases surrounding OUR NATION.
Again has the biggest EMBASY IN ZIM and in Africa.

Machiavelli 2 weeks ago

The only American base in Southern Africa is in Botswana. But AfriCom has offices in South Africa, Kenya and Zambia

Machiavelli 2 weeks ago

@Zvimbazi you have imagination for your facts. The largest Us embassies in Africa are in RSA and Kenya

Zvimbazi 2 weeks ago

Tendai Biti NOT MARRIED.

Gay people .....

Machiavelli 2 weeks ago

First and foremost, I certainly am not gay.
Secondly if you are a citizen and interested in CCC affairs you should know where to get information on Constitutional issues as relating to the coalition, and Why.

Thirdly using your analogy, sometimes it is not necessary to delve into the positives of the 8intended. It is just enough to look at available alternatives. Given ZANU and MDC-T, give me any viable alternative and I will take that to bed.

Zvimbazi 2 weeks ago

Are you gay?
Constitution 1st , we need to know as citizens.

Would you marry a girl who you doesnt know her attitude , background , intro to her parents etc

Machiavelli 2 weeks ago

Why are you @Zvimbazi interested in the CCC constitution?
ZANU has a constitution, but that did not stop an unconstitutional coup d'etat against Mugabe. So what's the value of your (ZANU) constitutionalism?

Machiavelli 2 weeks ago

Syllogism in philosophy is a discredited theory.

A classic case goes as follows:-

@Zvimbazi your argument is just as fallacious. I am tempted to give a similar example relating to ZANU and its leadership, but I refrain because I would, like you be a proper candidate for Ngomahuru and Ingutsheni

Maparamuro 2 weeks ago

How is CCC different from zanupf? Only their constitution can tell but then they don't have it.

Comrade Disaster 2 weeks ago

There is no law,currently, that requires that political entities must have a constitution ,office bearers & structures emanating thereof.
Props to Nero for thinking outside the box.
He has managed to stem the tide of subtrfuge & infiltration, for now.
Just listen to how detractors are whining!

Mkanya 2 weeks ago

Structures kkkkk. Zanu yu have exposed yourself big time. CCC members are the ones who should be calling for structures not yu... This time marasiswa kkkkk. Same thing when this party was launched and registered with zec

Nahoreka 2 weeks ago

We were very wrong to entrust zec with our vote. We would generally go to cast our vote and go home to sleep thinking that @zec will do expected proffessionalism...but alas, zec stuffed with criminals, making it difficult for the few true proffessinals in zec to carry out their mandate. This time surely nobody shud go to bed before our vote is accounted for. All the poling stations shud be closely gaurded and technology shud help us to colate and determine results as soon as possible. Some criminals who have been stuffed in zec shud no that we the people are not fools..

Zvimbazi 2 weeks ago


If Zanu win its rigging
if opposition wins NOT RIGGED

Jimmy mapross 2 weeks ago

The economy is in a tailspin, there are three or more exchange rates out there and civil servants are severely underpaid but we are going to space next month everyone! Yeah… I know, for most of you this really isn’t news because this whole Zim space adventure thing is something that has been rumbling for nearly 4 years since the government launched the Zimbabwe National Geospatial and Space Agency (ZINGSA) way back in 2018 and vowed to get the country’s first satellite (ZimSat-1) in orbit.

If we are keeping track, this launch has suffered a five-month delay because last year it was reported that the nanosatellite would be in orbit by February this year. According to a report by The Sunday Mail, the delays were caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected the launch of the Japanese KIBO module.

“Everything is now ready; we received a report recently indicating that it was tested and approved for flight. We have our engineers on the ground in Japan who are making sure everything goes according to plan.”


Chawabvunza 2 weeks ago

What do these people like Blabbermouth Professr Jonathan Moyo and others want CCC structures for ? CCC shall beat them at the Harmonised Elections come 2023. Political party structures start with cells, branches, districts, provinces and main wing. At the present moment CCC is clearly defined at the main wing only so that it becomes difficult to infiltrate it from the top. It is like campaigning. If ZANU PF bans CCC from holding rallies citizens will use their cellphones. Even if it bans the use of cellphones at the Harmonised Elections proper, damage will have been done already.




Jojo Zvenyika Chenjera 2 weeks ago

We will not appear before any structures. We are in a guerrilla war. We are playing the bush warfare.Ambush. This time we throwing grenades and planting zvimbambaira. The war is going to be won in 2023. The people will win.Chengetayi vote yenyu musarara musi wevhoti. Zanu must GO.

Munepenga 2 weeks ago

This time Zanu PF wil just l beat you differently
New strategies in place while you entertainment Jonathan Moyo's sideshow

Charwe 2 weeks ago

If zanu pf thinks it will make it next year, that's a political masterbation

mdala loli pop 2 weeks ago

crop yema leaders e zanu pf is now out dated. It is a generation of yesterday. Now we need a generation of today as leaders.

Ndimba Ndimba 2 weeks ago

Zanu PF and its sympathisers are crying for CCC to put structures in place so that they can infiltrate and distabilise them. You have lost it this time. You will not see those structures is place but we will still vote you out of power. Stay in your Zanu PF cells we will not even come there.
I know one local Zanu PF guy who was openly saying he wants to enter into CCC structers but is failing to get the opportunity. Hamulumi this time !!! !!! !!! !

Machiavelli 2 weeks ago

@Zvimbazi, ngochani dzakagara dziriko way before white men came. All that gas changed is that progressive thinking says do not discriminate against personal foibles. Kana munhu achida kukwirwa nekumanyowa, ndezvake, musuri wake. Kana mukadzi achida kuiswa nechiDildo asingade n.yoro, regai atambe nechidhori chake.

That's why apartheid was resisted by all right-thinking people. Nothing wrong with a white woman marrying a black dude.
If Madam & Eve or Adam & Steve decide to live together, that is their private business

Zvimbazi 2 weeks ago

No boss. Its not like that .
Something is fishy . Something is wrong with CCC.
If we know your constitute , what will we do with it. Tsvangirai won the election in 2008.

Citizens have the right to know their party's constitution.

You think Gay rights are Human thats why you favor Chamisa. If you chose Chamisa you have chosen Sodomy but if you choose ED then God is with you.

Tozivepiko 2 weeks ago

My vote goes to CCC with or without structures Zanu Pf had structures and a constitution but Jenarari and **** staged a coup d'etat disregarding even the country's constitution. Now look where we are, Zimbabwe Ruins.

dispenser 2 weeks ago

CCC is e ple 's vote

Citizen Citizen Citizen 2 weeks ago

We the people are the structure.
Vote ❎ CCC2023.

Mai Ro 2 weeks ago

Zuva resarudzo hakurarwe...munhu wese eyes on the ball. Will shud make it impossible for zec to continue stealing our vote. This time hazvigone..

Strategy 2 weeks ago

Differently ✅✔️

MuSabatha(SDA) 2 weeks ago

Surely this time we will do things differently.....we the citizens will vote and defend our vote....simple...

Dezveko 2 weeks ago

haisi nyaya yemarriage inyaya ye economy.Iwe uchavhitera Ani sezo kuZanu vachitora ka3.

Zvimbazi 2 weeks ago

Iwe pane nyaya apa

Ko nei vasina Constitution....Coz tikuda kuziya kuti panyaya dze Ngito howfar?

Hazviite kuti ndivhotere CCC , i was once a CCC but i nolonger support them . Most of themare not married.

VYBZ KARTEL 2 weeks ago

Still still you are going to lose

Nyamuteyi Takateya 2 weeks ago

@chimboti pizza asi pfungwa dzako dzine chiveve kahi, dzikamisa muromo nemeso zvisangopengereka

Chimboti Pizza 2 weeks ago

Akubvunza hapana @Vybz Kartel

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