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There Will Be No June Examinations In 2022 - ZIMSEC

There Will Be No June Examinations In 2022 - ZIMSEC

The Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council (ZIMSEC) says there will be no examinations in June this year due to the disruption of the school calendar caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

ZIMSEC spokesperson Nicky Dlamini said that the June examinations will only be re-introduced when schools revert to the normal calendar. Said Dlamini:

We are not having the June examinations this year, only the November ones.

The suspension of the June examinations has been due to disturbances that resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Once we go back to the normal school calendar, only then can they be resumed.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (MoPSE) has proposed new registration fees for the 2022 ZIMSEC examinations for Grade 7, Ordinary Level and Advanced Level candidates.

According to the draft, Grade 7 candidates will pay ZWL$4 388.00 and the Government will pay ZWL$5 362.00 giving a total of ZWL$9 750.00.

O’ Level candidates will pay ZWL$1 620.00 and the Government will pay ZWL$1 980 giving a total of ZWL$3 600.

A’ Level candidates will pay ZWL$3 240.00 and the Government will pay ZWL$3 960.00 giving a total of ZWL$7 200.

See the table below:

Examination Level Portion paid by Candidate ZWL$ Portion paid by Government ZWL$ Total Fees in ZWL$
Grade 7 $4 388.00 $5 362.00 $9 750.00
O Level $1 620.00 $1 980 $3 600
A Level $3 240.00 $3 960.00 $7 200

Fees structure explained

The reason why Grade 7 examination fees look higher than Ordinary and Advanced Level fees is that they are the total fees.

This means that a Grade 7 pupil in a public government-owned school will pay ZWL$4 388.00 in total and not per subject.

For Advanced Level and Ordinary Level candidates, the fees are per subject. For example, an O’ Level candidate will pay ZWL$1 620.00 per subject. Therefore, if one is sitting for 5 subjects, they will pay ZWL$8 100.00.

The government’s contribution is limited to 7 subjects. If a candidate writes more than 7 subjects, they will start paying the full fee for the 8th subject.

For example, if you are writing 9 subjects you will pay a total of $18 540.00 split as follows:

  • ZWL$11 340.00 per subject for the 7 subjects at ZWL$1 620.00 per subject
  • ZWL$7 200.00 for the additional two subjects at ZWL$3 600.00 per subject.

If a candidate is doing practical subjects, they will pay double the fees including a practical fee. So a candidate will pay ZWL$3 240.00 instead of the usual ZWL$1 620.00.

If a candidate attends a private school they will have to pay the full fees because the government will not contribute anything.

This means the candidate will pay ZWL$3 600.00 per subject instead of ZWL$1 620.00 even if they are writing less than 7 subjects.

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Wdx 1 month ago

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Amanda 1 month ago

l just want to ask a question how much do we pay centre fee

Kanda 1 month ago

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Asalif 1 month ago

Kana kutorega zvachose because panogona kutoshaya vanonyora

Solaz 1 month ago

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Solaz 1 month ago

What is impossible with men is very possible with God n God's tym is da BEST

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Chilten 1 month ago

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why is it censored 1 month ago

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🙄 1 month ago

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