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"There Is No US Military Base In Our Country" [FULL TEXT]

Mr Joseph Kalimbwe, the spokesperson of Zambia’s ruling UDNP, has said contrary to media reports and claims by some individuals, there is no US Military Base in Zambia. Reports of a military base came after the U.S. government announced on April 25, that the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) will open an Office of Security Cooperation at the U.S. Embassy in Zambia. Pindula News News presents Kalimbwe’s statement that was shared on social media platforms:


Over the past days, there has been a serious agenda to paint Zambia and our leader as Western Sponsored using the false US Military Base existence narrative within our borders. The propaganda being peddled is that President Hakainde Hichilema, has authorized the opening of a US Army Base in our country. This cronyism and false narrative has sadly since been spread across Africa, beyond our Zambian borders.

Jonathan Moyo, a former Zimbabwean Education Minister and many others have taken a front row seat in trying this propaganda to create fictitious army bases that never exists. By calling our leader, “Uncle Tom”, Moyo 65, played the daily immaturity that has been played before our eyes in our African politics. An immaturity & failure to distinguish right from wrong by trying to score political points.

Moyo went further to mock the intelligence and wisdom of our Zambian Education system, particularly our UPND free Education system which for the first time in decades has put thousands of Zambian kids back in school, on the verge of putting 30 000 teachers into full employment. But Moyo’s misguided views represents exactly what’s wrong with our African politics. A continent whose politics is so tribally divided, one where individuals feel because they have been to university and earned PhDs, then its only them and them alone who hold the monopoly of wisdom.

I was 8 years in the early 2000s when Moyo was first appointed Minister and for that i respect his accomplishments. But it was a missed opportunity, one which exposed his lack of inspired leadership. An opportunity he used to drive thousands of innocent men and women, including journalists whose only crime was speaking truth out of his country of Zimbabwe. Constantly using his power to deny others the freedom to speak the truth. In the years that followed, our country has been building itself through successive Zambian Presidents, from Kenneth Kaunda to our current leader, Hakainde Hichilema, who has shown nothing but courage in lifting Zambia up since August 2021.

In the years since, young men and women have answered the call to join the Zambia army. Priding themselves in the chance to wear the colours of our land. These men and women have won the uniform our country with bravely and distinction. Like every Zambian soldier they represent us so bravely, with a Commander in Chief in President Hakainde Hichilema leading them through and through, giving them the equipments they need and a life they deserve for serving our country here at home, in missions abroad in the Central African Republic and anywhere in Africa. In the years, throughout my more than 2 decades on earth, I have seen Zambia grow from the failed policies of the previous regime to find grace, hope and inspiration in the inspired leadership of a new leader, Hakainde Hichilema – the man Moyo and many others have painted black these past days by peddling the narrative that he permitted a US Military Base in our country.

Therefore, individuals like Moyo must begin to realise that our land remains peaceful with a clear eyed President who serves nothing but the interests of the 18 million Zambians in our land. He must go and unleash his anger elsewhere rather than unleashing insults on our leader in Zambia because there is no US Military Base in our country. We will continue to be solidly guided, every step of the way, by those 4 proud words of our country, “One Zambia, One Nation” and not be moved by exiled individuals who deliberately paint us as Western sponsored.

Joseph Kalimbwe

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Machiavelli 9 months ago

Well put Joseph.
Maybe its time Kenya revoked its hospitality and deport Jonathan Moyo.

bvanyangu 9 months ago

that won't happen

Ndini Ndadaroo 9 months ago

What happened kuZambia will never happen in Zimbabwe. Screenshot this comment!!!

Tio4 9 months ago

Kkkkkk zim its not a 1 party state, history has shown us otherwise, ana hitler ne Nazi party vakabaya, ana Musoline vakabaya, even Ian Smith chaiye aitoti not even in a Thousand years, but zvirikupi right now?. Maguta nyemba makufunga kuti party yenyu will rule forever, mukuzvinyepera

Ndini Monya Racho 9 months ago

@Ndini Ndadaro....In your wet dreams son, what happened In Zambia will happen In Zimbabwe next year watch out If ur not blind

houses will be build In Great Zimbabwe you will see It with your own 2 eyez

Machiavelli 9 months ago

Ndiani aifunga kuti Mugabe anorova pasi?

"Handiende, Handiende dzamara wandiudza pandimire chaipo... Kuenda Handiende.. " (Steve Dhongi Makoni"

T-A 9 months ago

ED has made lot of people to go against his party after he got into power and removed USd, Mugabe was running this country with bond rate 1:1, whilst ED iye bond rake rato yenda kuree

My view ahh huh I see Zanu Pf next year going out bcoz our people are very hungry for change, ED since he got Into power nothing has improved only from bad to worse, It shows that he cant handle This so surrend the power to the young man who Is willingly to rule the country not the people

Thank you
[If I die today I'm coming back]

VYBZ KARTEL 9 months ago


Observer 9 months ago

Well said... hippo mouth moyo is a disgrace. A pig's anus spewing verbal diarrhea.


Blabber 9 months ago

Politics aside, kalimbwe is a poor spokesperson, lacks depth and intelligence, ndiwo wana Ostalos naana Sarkozy awa

dubs 9 months ago

What good can we expect from a coward in exile. I wonder why Jonso keeps poking the Zambians while in Kenya. Why does'nt he come back home and fix the economy that he helped to destroy here.

Merry Xmas 9 months ago

Well done Zambia.

gunvoster 9 months ago

Ichooo .... charira
fire kunaJona

VYBZ KARTEL 9 months ago

propaganda ndoyedu but l see us being drowned because the Zanu PF ship seems to be sinking
l have been contaminating how to give it off but l can't convince myself l have been hopplesly holding to Zanu PF tightly but l don't have to .l have to leave

in conclusion we should leave Zanu and vote for CCC
Vote for CHANGE*******

Cabs 9 months ago

Well done this Is your first time to write something that make sense In this platform @VYBZ KARTEL

Galiside 9 months ago


Grand parent 9 months ago

Joseph you are Bomb. Wagons mfanami

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