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The Zimbabwean Immigration Federation Presses With Court Action Despite ZEP Extension

The Zimbabwean Immigration Federation Presses With Court Action Despite ZEP Extension

The Zimbabwean Immigration Federation (ZIF) has said it is pressing on with court action against the Department of Home Affairs despite the extension of the Zimbabwe Exemption Permits (ZEPs) last week.

ZIF took the department to court, challenging the termination of the ZEPs saying the process should be overhauled and restarted.

Last week, the department extended the ZEP by a further six months. They will now expire in June 2023 instead of December 2022.

One reason for the extension was that the department had received few applications by Zimbabwean nationals for ordinary visas so far

ZIF says the six-month extension is not enough. Luke Dzviti of the ZIF said while they were relieved by the extension, it was not a solution. News24 cites him as saying:

The same problems we have now in reviewing the visas are the same problems we will have by 30 June. The conditions have not changed. People have no homes in Zimbabwe. They built their lives here.

Last month, News24 reported the department made submissions in the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria that only 6 000 of the 178 000 permit holders had made representations about why the department should not terminate their permits. 

Among other things, ZIF wants the court to:

i). Prohibit the government from arresting or deporting ZEP holders once their permits expire.

ii). To order the Home Affairs department to restart the review process for permits and, in the meantime, allow ZEP holders to remain in the country.

The organisation’s Rosemary Anderson said to force ZEPs holders to leave South Africa would have negative consequences for the hospitality and tourism industry and also cause trauma and pain to affected individuals. 

She added the unemployment problems in the country would not improve even if ZEP holders left the country. 

Meanwhile, ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba said the extension was a “mockery of our constitutional democracy and further chips away at the autonomy of our state and its function, especially on managing our borders”.

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clueless 3 weeks ago

kuwedzera permit futii isu tichida kuti vauye kuzovoter mmmm imi mumborikwazvo chaizvo izvo here

dey 3 weeks ago

huyai kunyika yenyu vanhu imimi kune vakaenda 2005 not even a single holiday they have returned they have nothing to show both in SA and home except perfumes and clothes so u mean .20 years in diaspora u managed to buy heaphones amd a memory card fully loaded with amapiano God have mercy

bvananguy 3 weeks ago

kuvhota hakumanikidzvi

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

I have avoided wading into this debate, but given the intransigence of ZIF, I wonder how sound their appeal is. To argue that the permit holders font have homes in Zimbabwe and that they have spouses and family in RSA us neither here nor there.

In the first place they knew from the outset that their permits were valid for 10 years, and that 20 year tenure has expired. To have made lifelong decisions based on a 10 year provisional arrangement is in my view myopic (very short sighted). If one has acquired immovable property, one can either liquidate it or put it on rental and it can still give one a return.

As to education, ditto. Either the children can come back home and learn here, failing which arrangements can be made for them to continue with their studies in RSA.

I find it pertabing that notwithstanding the calls for people to regularise thepermits only less than 10% have made applications. It means the rest are not serious about regularising their stat on South Africa

VYBZ KARTEL 3 weeks ago

Africans what do you expect


I feel that ZIF is losing its plot. South Africa gonverment is constitutionally mandated to make laws one of which is now affecting ZEP holders.

I feel ZIF may not win this case in a court of law. I feel it must go by the way of persuation rather than being argumentative.

South Africa knows that ZEP holders are a very strong labour constituency which can not be dismissed all at once. The government of South Africa did not hide behind the little finger. They came in the open and said only 6000 ZEP holders had applied for other visas of 178000 ZEP holders.

This meant that the majority had not shown interest and had decided to come back home. This meant that their economy was going to suffer as those ZEP holders are certificate or diploma holders with enviable experience under their belts.

ZEP holders must comply with this legislation because South Africa could have decided to place all or majority of them under other visas and do away with ZEP visa.

It is my considered advice that ZEP holders comply with this legislation.

Zimbabwe Republic must also put their economy in order. This is embarrassing.


Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

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