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The World War Has Already Started - Venezuela President Maduro

The World War Has Already Started - Venezuela President Maduro

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro has said the World War has already started adding that it is an economic one. Maduro speaks when the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has caused shockwaves on global oil, aviation and wheat markets.

Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February citing human rights in the neighbouring country, allegations that Kiev dismissed as mere propaganda. Ukraine allies imposed sanctions on Russia and Russia retaliated thereby interrupting international trade. Maduro said:

1). The world war has already started and it is economic. The world war is in its first economic phase, with sanctions, blockade, uncertainty in the supply of oil, gasoline, iron, steel, wheat, fertilizer, corn, rice, raw materials in general.

2). Uncertainty in prices, in the supply of food, raw materials, energy products, in the use of the currency of the financial system to twist the arms of countries and regions. The world war has already started, the economic war has already started.

3). Our warning is not to escalate any further. Our call is for the economic war to not escalate any further and escalate into a military war or into what is worse for humanity and the survival of our species on this planet, into a nuclear war. This is the call I made on Monday.

4). [On Monday] we made an assessment of the situation in the world and there are very dangerous components. Today there is a war on the southern border of Russia because of those who broke the agreements of Europe, the West and NATO with Russia because of those who tried to surround Russia and target it with nuclear weapons, because of those who announced that Ukraine was going to have nuclear weapons targeting Russia. There are the culprits of the armed conflict.

Watch the video below for more:

His remarks also come after he met with United States officials on Saturday in a meeting that has been viewed as the U.S’s bid to turn Maduro against Russia by offering removal of sanctions on Venezuela.

The US imposed sanctions on Caracas in a bid to force Maduro from power, including a 2019 measure that prevents Venezuela from trading its crude oil – which accounted for 96 per cent of the country’s revenues – on the US market. 

The White House has indicated it is examining how to reduce Russian oil imports without harming US consumers and while maintaining global supply – although Psaki said Monday no decision had been made on a possible ban on Russian oil, according to Al Jazeera.

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