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The Struggle For Youth Emancipation Is Won Now - Biti Challenger

The Struggle For Youth Emancipation Is Won Now - Biti Challenger
Precious Musarurwa, the Secretary-General for Labour Economists And African Democrats (LEAD) and an aspiring Member of Parliament for Harare East Constituency has said “the struggle for youth emancipation is won now.”
Musarurwa, who is also an actress, said now is the time to push forward a generational mandate, which is taking up responsibility by all young minds.
She said the ruling ZANU PF and the other parties that have been in existence for over a decade had failed the citizenry and the youths in particular hence the need to entrust the youths’ future in youths.
Musarurwa will be battling it out with former Finance Minister Tendai Biti who now represents the Citizens Coalition for Change after he was recalled from Parliament by MDC-T.
Musarurwa bemoaned the level of polarisation in the country saying it was hindering unity amongst youths who instead should be united by the fact that they are all fighting for a better future. She added:
I observe and learn from how the regime has managed to keep the opposition in a vulnerable position, which we witnessed during the GNU that had ZANU PF with an upper hand over the MDCT; let alone the support many Zimbabweans gave approving the beginning of the second republic.  2018, then marked the rebirth of what they term, ‘The New Republic’. 
The civil unrest that followed the 2018 elections due to ignorance by political parties resulted in the loss of lives and a vandalized city in particular Harare CBD and a Monthlante Commission that never yielded the much-expected results left many wondering if justice can be delivered against the perpetrators of political violence of 1 August 2018 shootings.  There is anger amongst Zimbabweans, disunity and mistrust as can be attested on social media i.e Twitter and Facebook platforms. But we are forgetting one thing, that we can face each other in opposition because each one believes they can serve better. It is this democratic environment we wish the government to create for us.
As young people we must realize the time is now to choose inclusivity in all democracy initiatives, economic developments, depolarization programs and in our devolutionary approaches as we change our grassroot survival trajectory as LEAD. We need to work together to take this responsibility and action for our communities, our constituencies and wards. 
Musarurwa added that her party, LEAD, has consulted with the general populace before coming up with farreaching and sustainable development solutions that are premised on solving issues bedevilling the nation. She spoke narrowing down to her constituency:
I’m talking about localisation, ‘do-it-ourselves’ solutions to sustainability range from civic energy communities to sustainable housing projects and eco-villages; community currency, fresh food and modern market spaces.  
She said one of the best ways of addressing current issues is standing firm against corruption, “together, with the same kind of energy.” Added Musarurwa:
When I spoke with war veterans on 21 July 2016, regarding their standing on the then economic, social and political discourse,  it was a timely conjecture. I felt and knew I had to speak with them.  The developments that followed will be coming out in parts during this campaign. 
Musarurwa said her party that is led by women, advocates for an all-inclusive approach towards a peaceful and reconciled nation. 

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3 months ago

Sponono 3 months ago

Vane havi yekufoma zvimapato fomai tigokurakashai kurakasha muna March mugodzidza kuti zanu pf inorakasha. Musarurwa atomirira kurakashwa

Pamberi ne zanu pf

Pamberi nekubatana

Tinotenda ma cdes

WaveOfChange 3 months ago

Chaora chinhu chiya

nahoreka 3 months ago

Get away....

Sponono ( fake ) 3 months ago

Iwe unorohwa kuseri nekuseri nabiti wadii wagara kumba nemurume . nhandare iyi yawada inoda moyo wechirume kkkk

Ndatomirira kuona muranda kadzi uyu achirorwa nabiti kkkkk kuseri nekuseri

KODZONGA WA MWAKO 3 months ago

Kabato kemahure ako kkkkkkkk. Nonsense

Kule 3 months ago

Vana vaduku ndivo vatungamiri vamangwana. Pinda hako musikana mumakwikwi election.


Sponono 3 months ago

Iwe Mboko uyu mukadzi weuya anonzi Chikiti Musarurwa. Hausvodi nei?
Pamberi PeZANUPF
#Yellow Fever

. 3 months ago

Hatiizive party yako iyi

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