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The Standard: "We’re Extremely Worried About The Chinese Embassy’s Threats"

The Standard:

The Standard’s editor Kholwani Nyathi has accused the Chinese embassy in Harare of “intimidation”.

The had threatened to take “strong countermeasures” against The Standard newspaper and the NGO, Information for Development Trust (IDT), over what it calls fabricated “anti-China news.”

The embassy is furious over a series of stories carried by the independent weekly, “exposing” corruption, worker abuse and harmful environmental practices by Chinese companies in Zimbabwe.

Nyathi told ZimLive:

We’re extremely worried about the embassy’s threats to take strong action against us for simply doing our work. All the Chinese companies that we have written about have been given an opportunity to respond to allegations made against them and most of them ignore our questions, only to respond through the embassy or its proxies,” 

Our stories are always evidence-based and we challenge those companies that feel that we published any falsehoods about them to come forward by engaging us directly or using available press complaints mechanisms such as the one offered by the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe.

Coercion, intimidation and threats against journalists will not address the issues that are being raised against them.

In a statement dated July 11, the embassy accused The Standard and IDT of “public opinion bullying and scoundrelism.” Added the embassy:

The embassy will never shelter any Chinese companies that break the laws of Zimbabwe. However, the embassy will never endure political manipulation and unwarranted smearing which incites anti-China sentiment, and will take strong counter-measures in response to safeguard China’s image, the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies and the friendly relations between China and Zimbabwe.

The embassy also accused the newspaper and IDT of receiving money from the United States embassy in order to fuel anti-China sentiment.

The embassy added that some “ill-motivated” exaggerate the wrongdoings of a few Chinese companies and blow out of proportion the problems to indict the entire Chinese community in Zimbabwe.

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Da Truth 3 weeks ago

China the worst enemy of ordinary people of Zimbabwe.Chinese are immune to the law of the country.They can kill , victimize,kickup , mock-up,rape and do anything .But they are the darling of the rich cronies.

Da Truth 3 weeks ago

Vaccine was exchanged for minerals u nincompup nothing for free from China .🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣We borrowed billions of dollars from Jongrand pple and used our minerals as collateral a mega deal .Look and listen u alian . Zimbabwe is submerged can't get out .🇿🇼🆘🐒🐒🐒

youth 3 weeks ago

dai waivengwa waizopihwa vaccine here

Shango 3 weeks ago

Ngavaende kumusha kwavo

Tozivepiko 3 weeks ago

Chinese are the dirty latest colonisers in Zimbabwe with the blessings of Jenerari Skilled Rabourer. They are transferring Zimbabwe's minerals without any problem from the the coup regime. I wonder if they were not directly responsible for masterminding and financing the November 17 Coup.

Da Truth 3 weeks ago

They are wakanganwa kuti kune umwe Mukuru aiva ikoko pakaitwa coup akasvika achinzi ngaabatwe pa airport

Yoweeeeee 3 weeks ago

Our minerals and dogs!

Ggg 3 weeks ago

Tell them to sit down, this is not China it's Zimbabwe. They have no rights whatsoever to say what they deem necessary. If they built a paliament in Zimbabwe does not mean they own this country. To hell with their sentiments, keep writing, we need to reach a point where they will confront you and then we start from there. They rather get out than instilling fear in us, NEVER , F u c k Yu Chinese


The Adjudicator 3 weeks ago

Leave alone those pigs, 🐖, Let them enjoy Zimbabwe, they fought for it, they build us a Parliament.


Swagger 3 weeks ago

S H U T UP you Chinese you are looting and smuggling our diamonds &gold you with your partners zanupf

Yellowman 3 weeks ago

the writing is on the wall for all slave drivers!
be mindful of what happened in Uganda & Rwanda!

tk 3 weeks ago

the zhing zhong must go back to their crowded country rather than abuse us n then want to silence the press. most of us who got a chance to work for these oppressors we kno how bad pple are being treated by these colonialists who sadly have the back up of the gvt coz they bribe n pay their way out or into anything they want. its sad but they shud go kana party yavo ikabuda or they shud observe the law to the last point without fear or favour.....

i 3 weeks ago

haaa chekuita chaicho havana .plus kuhukura kwembwa hakutadzisi nzou kufamba

Pezenti 3 weeks ago

Mr Stateman The electorate is against th Xi XingIngs yet u dine wth them.the ball is in yr hand. But note that days are nmbrd.wat I said z on th ground n u wll never knw it unless u dash down thr in a bartered honda fit,but cn u kkkkk? These tozhozhoz are de-campaigning you from grassroots levels.akuruma nzeve ndewako. Citizens wll never vote for evictions,intimidations,abuse,lawlessness,hazardous jobs.......etc

He who has ears let him hear what the voice of citizens say

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