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The Standard "Discovers" Uebert Angel's Double Identity

The Standard

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s special envoy to Europe and the Americas Uebert Angel Snr has two identity documents while his British passport has a different date of birth raising serious questions about his integrity.

Mnangagwa last year appointed Angel Snr, aka Uebert Mudzanire, to the new position of special envoy to the president and ambassador at large to the Americas and Europe “to promote investment for the country.”

An investigation by The Standard established that the man of the cloth has two different Zimbabwe national identity cards.

His first ID, with registration number 83-099297X83, was issued at the Zaka registry offices in Masvingo in 1996 while the second one, with the registration number 29-195587H83, was obtained in Gweru in the Midlands a year later.

The two identity documents show that Angel Snr was born on September 6, 1978, but the ID numbers are different.

1). A check at the registry showed that Angel Snr has more than one national identity registration.

2). He used the 1997 ID to secure a passport in Zimbabwe, passport no ZE 306043.

3). His British passport, number 464932598 issued on November 6, 2009, showed that he was born on March 4, 1972.

4). On March 9, 2021, Angel Snr appeared before a Harare lawyer, Tichavona Mutebere, where he made an application to change his name from Uebert Mudzanire to Uebert Angel Snr claiming he was born on September 6, 1978, a birth date inconsistent with his British one but consistent with his two Zimbabwean national IDs.

5). Angel Snr has a biological brother, Samson Mudzanire, ID number 83-066977R83, who was born on April 14, 1972, which means that if he sticks to the 1972 date, then his mother, Rose Mudzanire, gave birth to two sons in 1972 within 40 days of each other.

There are also questions around Angel Snr’s academic qualifications with evidence suggesting that some of his degrees are fake.

The United States Department of Justice through Operation Gold Seal flagged Angel Snr’s Bachelor of Business Administration degree obtained from Saint Regis University as fake.

Angel Snr denies buying a fake online business degree with a “diploma-mill scheme” that was eventually shut down by the US.

More: The Standard

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Thula Msindo 4 months ago

🙉Heyi Wena, Hubert Madzanire, Thula Msindo🦍

LaSilva@ KC 4 months ago

😅😂 Double tragedy

Mthembo 4 months ago

Why are you out here publishing people's private information. You gon make them victims of identity theft. What you are doing should be very illegal. Shame on you

Mthembo 4 months ago

Having a piece of paper signed by the ministry of education does not make you intelligent or even mindful of how your actions affect others.

Harry Potter 4 months ago

😂 😂 😂 @Matt wehakirosi

Steven Chidhumo 4 months ago

@matt I wasn't responding to you by the way

matt 4 months ago

ko iwe warwadxiwa nei

Steven Chidhumo 4 months ago

Mthembo read the article again, the publisher of the story is The Standard not Pindula. Pindula gathers news from all sources and gives us access to us who don't have data or money to busy newspapers so don't blame Pindula instead address your concerns to Heart and Soul or The Standard

King 4 months ago

News is not news when a dog bites a man, but when a man bites a dog. Keep us posted nematsotsi aya

》》》 4 months ago

So you who does not even have O'levels knows better than people with degrees in journalism from The Standard??? Hahahahaaaa

Chic 4 months ago

This makes Ubert a criminal.

》》》 4 months ago

Did you know?
Chiwenga's PhD from S.A. is for fashion and fabrics ?

Kyiv 4 months ago

Say what? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

🙄 4 months ago

Chaaaaaaaai kkkkkkkkkk hell no no no noooooo kkkkkkkk.


Ghetto Yut 4 months ago

Madzanhire ma1 ummmmmm

SWAT 4 months ago

Birds of the same feather flock together

Takemore 4 months ago

Apinda ma 1 uyu

factos 4 months ago

These rat 🐀🐁 eating people are a problem in this country.

Everything they have is fake

and non of them have passed

Terrace Watch Dog 1 day ago

I thought he was British I didn't know he is from zaka rinopisa thank standard kudzidza hakuperi.

Zvadhakwa 4 months ago

Ko Madzanire haasi bootlicker waEd here? Rambai makatarisa muone kuti zvoendepi.corrupt zanu delegate

bother me 4 months ago

cant be trusted

Yvt 4 months ago

Urbert Madzanire itsotsi.

Golide thing 4 months ago

shame on you Urbert,wazvisvibisa Bt anyway waita chidzodzo kwatira kutiii hapana chisingaperi mulife

Golide thing 4 months ago

shame on you Urbert,wazvisvibisa Bt anyway waita chidzodzo kwatira kutiii hapana chisingaperi mulife

DaCool 4 months ago

Afternoon PINDULA users ,we would like to acknowledge you about the PINDULA awards taking place on the 14th of this month. These awards are for the Recognition for your Contributions to our platform .You have have contributed through this comments section and some of your comments have positively impacted to some of us individually.We are also thankful by the way you are spreading PINDULA to your Friends and Families.

I thank again .God bless you

Jenerari Bae 4 months ago

Imi musatinyaudze

Munhu kwaye 4 months ago

Ma awards acho anemari mukati here?

Charles Darwin 4 months ago

Bush lawyer deserves the award

Paraffin 4 months ago

If Mboko doesn't win an award garai masiyana nanzvo

Vybz Kartel 4 months ago

I'm the number one contender

Mboko 4 months ago

yeah mubve ma rega kuisa machende ese ezanupf ipapo.ngaadye zvekuba zvavakajaira mazichende evanhu.

DaCool 4 months ago

This is a true FAKE prophet in this generation of ours . This ZANU pf is a satanic party ,why is it all these FAKE prophets are associated with ZANU

rebel 4 months ago

what's wrong with that it is his private life it doesn't benefit the majority,we know most people do that. We know because of the economic hardships in Zim, people have obtained Mozambiquecan and Malawian passport .

Sir tindo 4 months ago

Haaaa ahisi nyaya yekuti anosapota Ed her bcz ma Americans akutsoma tsoma so ahuone Java fti kti vanaye ndokufunga kwangu ini

rebel 4 months ago

what's wrong with that it is his private life it doesn't benefit the majority,we know most people do that. We know because of the economic hardships in Zim, people have obtained Mozambiquecan and Malawian passport .

Zimbo 4 months ago

@Rebel Just shut up

Artwell 4 months ago

Its too much madzanire

Live 4 months ago

This guy I always doubt him because of his dubious massages in some of his sermons , I just come across one of his sermon claiming in front of his congregates that he has Jackie Chan anointing that karatics people's problems, these preachers 🙄🙄How come such a person became an special envoy to the president?

Analystic 4 months ago


zacks 4 months ago

yangara imbavha iyow

Jinn 4 months ago

ZIMBABWE THE LAND OF THE BLESSED.."Yet from the days of your fathers,you have turned away from My statues and have not kept them.Return to Me and i will return to you"says the LORD of hosts ."Then all nations will call u blessed ,for you will a be a land of delight,"says the LORD of hosts.Malachi 3:7,12.The future is exciting....Blessed Sunday fellow Citizens!#Godisinit
Yellow Huchi

Fisherman 4 months ago

shoko raMwari rinoti yambira kuti nemazuva ekupedzisira kutadza kuchawanda nevaprofta venhema vachavako. watch out !! upenyu hwemuporofta wechokwadi kutaridza nyika upenyu hwedenga husina chitsotsi. vaporofta vechokwadi vaisungirwa shoko raMwari kwete upfumi hwepasi rino.

WaveOfChange 4 months ago

Ndokuti born again 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Concerned 4 months ago

This is not new what Prophet Angel did. My wife has 2 relatives who bear the same name as hers even the same surname. So from her side of the family there are 3 people bearing the same name, only different in the dates of birth. My mother has 2 IDs, one had an error on her date of birth and she had to have another with the correct information. Now it depends with the Registrar how they keep their files. In my opinion there is nothing sinister here unless it is a deliberate move by the "Standard" to tarnish the image of the 'man of cloth'. What were they looking for when they came across their discovery?

Victoria Vanessa 4 months ago

Wangu apa wataura zvirimupfungwa dzangu wena, good analysis

Gudo Gudo 4 months ago

chiregai atange apedza kugadzira Gwanzura mozotaura heyu zvakawanda kikkikiki

kezo kezo😱 4 months ago

so our deal to buy chealsea will fail if this guy is exposed haa 🙆

Sir B 4 months ago

Kutenga chii avabvume izvozvo kunyangwe akava nemari

4 months ago

Chiko 4 months ago

Angel is a fake prophet and not doubt he can fake almost everything about him fake ID fake degree Fake marriage fake life fake christainty fake dotrine fake tongues fake prohesy all fake

Njema 4 months ago

Zvine basa rei?

legend 4 months ago

ha double identity kudiiiko kuma group A schools uko taingopihwa wani mamwe ma ID akadzorwa makore ochinjws mazita zvashamisira papi pana Ubert Angel .Check maID ema player ebhora emu Zim thats wen u wil realise kuti people have 2 ID'S

gweja 3 months ago

pedzai cancer ne kusvinudza ma pofu handi muna jesu

kingshango 3 months ago

mbavha kujeri haaaa ndanamakandiwa

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