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"The Power Crisis Makes Us Unattractive To Investments" - President Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said the power crisis in Zimbabwe is making the southern African country “unattractive to investments” hence the need to find solutions “urgently”.

His remarks come after the Zambezi River Authority (ZRA), which manages the river’s water on behalf of Zambia and Zimbabwe, advised the Zimbabwe Power Company to shut down its Kariba South Hydropower Plant owing to reduced water levels.

This limited electricity generation at the plant to 300 megawatts (MW).

Writing in his weekly column in The Sunday Mail, President Mnangagwa said he convened an urgent meeting for all Government departments to tackle the emerging threat. He said:

We have to engage sister countries in our SADC region with excess power to export to us. We urgently need to plug the current deficit through more imports.

Enough resources have to be mobilised for that to happen. They will be mobilised. The cost of importing power is relatively less than a slowdown in industry, whose capacity utilisation has been rising steadily.

Or stoppages altogether, not to mention delays in new investments caused by power shortages. Such an eventuality makes us unattractive to investments, foremost foreign direct investments which are so hard to attract, and can easily choose other country destinations. I am concerned about power-related stresses which industry is currently facing. Solutions will be found urgently.

President Mnangagwa indicated that Hwange Unit 7 will be commissioned in a few weeks, while work to refurbish six existing generators at the same power station and several other thermal stations across the country is currently underway.

He added that the Government will ensure enough coal deliveries are made to all thermal power stations, as well as relook into the licensing regime to encourage independent power producers (IPPs) and new players in the renewable sector.

Zimbabwe generates a total of 1 124MW against a peak demand of 2 200 MW.

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2 months ago

Kudhara ikoko Christmas ☃️🌲 tengai magenerator ndaona varoora vejoni vachi I can't sleep in the dark
Mahorror tengai mafuta chikomba chisati chasvika

Worzell Gummidge 2 months ago

I'm getting a premonitory sense that Independent Power Producers (IPPs) with links to the EVILutionary Party, may at some point, take over national electricity generation assets & become obscenely wealthy by charging exorbitant electricity tariffs while exporting some of the electricity.

Please recall that recently all ZETDC Boards were dissolved & it seems there are plans to merge all ZETDC subsidiaries. I'm assuming, the usual unscrupulous frontmen & runners, such as Musavadha Tagwirei, WeakSnail Chivharo, Skirt Sakupwanya & others aligned to the Political Oligarchy may be allocated national assets & charge the poor majority merciless rates for electricity supply.

Urban Dwellers will bear the brunt of vindictive politics & will probably be punished for voting the CCC by making them pay through the nose for electricity consumption.

I suppose the current psychological strategy is to starve Zimbabweans of electricity until they become desperate enough to accept any kind of solution just to put the lights back on. The dark desert will be so painful, such that Zimbabweans will clamour to return to Electrified Egypt, & endure political Pharaoh's who milk the blood of the poor for self aggrandizement.

That's how it's done in Russia. Putin's buddies operate energy & oil utilities on his behalf. Assuming it happens this way, CCC MPs cannot protest against such a move, since they received hush-money to the tune of U$ 40K just seven months before the 2023 election.

This is just one man's independent opinion.

comment critic 2 months ago

as I said yesterday you are the best conspiracy theorist on pindula.usatinyaudze🥱🥱🥱

MuSabatha(SDA) 2 months ago

Hey hey hey, somebody tell mukuru avo varege kurotomoka. It is his style of governance which is unattractive. Nobody is attracted by guy who riggs and steals elections. Killing political opponents is not attractive. Looting and impoverishing citizens is not attractive, corruption is produces a stench nobody likes... there is nothing attractive in your style of governance sir..!

Jimbo 2 months ago

Ah wozell gumidge. Unozvifunga nguvai zvese izvi. Deno uchitonyora munyuzipepa ndimo munoenderana nelevel rako.

Sorojena 2 months ago

In fact the political power crisis is the cause of this miasma. Remove the Zanu pf logjam everything will get on track

2 months ago

Power crisis is being used to effect regime change in this country and other Southern African countries. The head of state should deploy trusted senior army personnel to oversee the immediate restoration of services. Better they intervene now than to employ military solutions on the masses when the situation gets out of hand.

2 months ago

Fanatics and myopic bootlickers misled ED into seeking re-election at the Zanu pf congress using pseudo democratic means instead of holding free and fair elections or he should have just handed over the contest of the party presidency to the structures. Now he is fighting saboteurs on three fronts 1. disgruntled party members, 2. real problems, 3. internal and external opposition. And none of the bootlickers have a solution to any of his problems.

2 months ago

Varakashi 😆😆😆😆We have never been attractive as an investment destination

Worzell Gummidge 2 months ago

Pakadai zvekurakasha hazvina kwazvinosenza. Party yezvigure nezvinyahu nemukuru wayo Gule-Wamkulu yave ne42 years ichiondonga nyika.

Kuponda vanhu veCCC, huwori, captured judiciary nema bad economic policies ndozvimwe zviri kudzinga maInvestor. Kunze kweChina neRussia, ndiyani angade kuisa mari yake kutsigira mhondi dzinobaya vanhu nepfumo paRally? Mhondi dzinovedzenga Moreblessing Ali kuti dzidye nyama yemunhu, dzoisa chimukuyu chemunhu mutsime kuti nyama yacho igare iri fresh dzichidya mbichana mbichana.

Kubva pakapinda Gule-Wamkulu pahutongi; murders, armed-robberies, rape, satanism, manjuzu, drug abuse & unemployment have increased exponentially.

Tintin 2 months ago

@ w.g 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣tapedza hedy kuseka...tochifungisisa mashoko makukutu aya🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

2 months ago

Isaka muchaita sei

2 months ago

He has admitted he has failed. Hang up your boots.

2 months ago

42 years of zanupf incompetence.
Time for change.

Vesto 2 months ago

More like hang up his mouth

zesaed 2 months ago


42yrs 2 months ago

42 years dololo

2 months ago

Even corruption
Increasing VAT
Increasing import duty
Kupanana ma loan e half a million to individuals.
Kana kuramba muripo without implementing reforms zvodaro futi.


2 months ago

After the wheels have fallen off now the axels have fallen off.
43 years of failure.
We are open for failure 😂

2 months ago

i think corruption is making us unattractive for investment.

2 months ago

U need to read bout Mthuli's 2013 budget proposal ndopamunoona kuti isu sevana vevhu as they term us takaomerwa dhora rauinaro they are taking close to 30c paunotenga.

2 months ago

A successful economy can only be run by economists not politicians. Look at Japan varikutotsvaka inflation nekutokumbira vanhu kuti vamwe doro. That's the power of a good government one that listens to the needs of the individuals that puts them in power not to the voices of the minority in the league of leader and his inner circle. My heart bleeds ndichiona nyika ichifa and I am at a position to do nothing. Kudzidza takadzidza sevamwe but huori is taking over yet my home boy is claiming power cut is killing investment attractiveness to potential investors. Munevanokupai advice here that are not comrades vekuhondo vanoonawo zvatikuona.

🤨🤨 2 months ago

Ko ma solar amaida kuisa kudema aya makazodii nawo

ccc 2 months ago

Zi**** ED mari uri kupedzera kuzvinhu zvenhando usiri kugadzirisa magetsi tsek

hasha dzaGummidge 2 months ago

detractors I'm sorry because the sun does not in Zanu of but in MDC .it set and now we have CCC.wisdom is killing me

Vesto 2 months ago

I have no wish or desire to be a prefect on Pindula, but eish, I have failed to decipher what this gentleman is trying to say.

I am fully aware that English is not the First language of many of us. Vernacular is acceptable. If vernacular is too difficult, Sign Language is another option. Failing which silence is golden

hasha dzako Gummidge 2 months ago

thank you Vesto cryptic messages are part and parcel of this group and they can only be deciphered by those who have the requisite decoding method.

Tintin 2 months ago

ndane 5 days ndisina kuona globe rakabaka...hanzi nevanenge vakamuka arikuya na11 pm odzekara na5.15 am manje nhasi come rain come thunder I will wait until 11 pm then switch all the lights in the house ...look intensely at the globes for 10 full minutes ndodzima zvangu ndoenda kunorara...pane chakaipa here apa.🤔🤔🤔

amai shantie 2 months ago


gibhela 2 months ago

was thinking of the same thing 😂😂😂

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🥴🥴🥴🥴 2 months ago

🥴🥴🥴🥴kuseka nhamo serugare

👤 2 months ago

kana kutosiya light racho riri on,kna uine heater futi batidza🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Tintin 2 months ago

pauchaona kwauya Command Electricity nechirongwa cheBatidza... ndipo pauchaziva kuti power crisis chii.

bhinga yekuBhinga 2 months ago


hasha dzaGummidge 2 months ago

the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.zanu of is the east and CCC is the west.muchaenda ichingotonga Zanu pf

2 months ago

What kind of engineers are working at Hwange? Doing a project without a timeline? We have been told Commissioning is in a few weeks for almost two years now

Suffering soul 2 months ago

42 years of zanupf incompetence.
Time for change.

Vesto 2 months ago

To blame power outages for poor investment perception is skirting the truth. Lack of power only accentuates poor investment perception.

Had there been significant investment prior to power problems, then it may have been cited as the reason.

Investment has always been low. The reasons clear for all to see. These are:-
1. Corruption,
2. Poor Governance,
3. Lack of Rule of Law,
4. Economic environment not conducive to investment,
5. High taxation,
6. High production costs (utilities, rates, etc.)
7. Arbitrary changes in regulations, and
8. Poor infrastructure - roads, railways, air, water, sewage etc..

Lack of electricity is only the icing on the bitter cake

Worzell Gummidge 2 months ago

@Vesto.👏👏👏. I've just become your biggest fan & cheerleader. I'm rooting for you all the way. We need incisive minds like yours. People who call a spade a spade.

@tintin 2 months ago

full blast kuridza Mukanya @ 11pm

Top fan🇿🇼 2 months ago

Yesterday in church,my pastor said"do something crazy for the lord"i went outside and switch off the generator.

👤 2 months ago

kana kutosiya light racho riri on,kna uine heater futi batidza🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ribvungu 2 months ago

Kujekesa nyika yese nemagetsi yaive manifesto yaniko zviya

Vesto 2 months ago

@Ribvungu, that died in 2018 with the ED Pfeeee slogan. Since then it has been ED Shweeee. Kusunga play chaiko

Tintin 2 months ago

pauchaona kwauya Command Electricity nechirongwa cheBatidza...ndipo pauchaziva kuti chii chinonzi energy crisis.

2 months ago

They create problems so that they create jobs so that they solve those problems. What a nice and good government.

Native 2 months ago

havasivo here bambo ava vaiisaa ma billboards akanzi kujekesa nyika yese nemagetsi zvino nyika yese yasviba neRima hapana kuri kuendwa
poor 0/30 See me

Dofo 2 months ago

Very soon Presidential electricity ikuuya ye xmas

Jah 🇿🇼 Tsvarie-07 2 months ago



Citizens are happy that His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa has finally admitted that his government has failed to lure foreign investors.

Foreign Investors or just an ordinary investor will not invest in a country where there is no electricity.

Both so called ZANU PF first administration and the second administration [ VAKARARA NE ZAMU MUKANWA NDOKUKANGANWA KUWEDZERA MAGWENYA EMAGETSI ].

They did not plan for their [URBAN EXPANSION AND INTENSIFIED RURAL ELECTRIFICATION EXPANSION ].They just did it harphazardly.

Citizens now expect his government to agree with Zambia for the expansion of both the South and north Hydroelectric Power Plants and the continued refurbishment of the Hwange Thermal power plants.

The only and best solution lies in venturing into Solar Energy where this ZANU PF Administration is reluctant to venture into.



Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

z jhhzj 2 months ago


Guka 2 months ago

Vote Zanu Pf winning 🥇 Party of all generation may ED rule zvekudaro

2 months ago

I do not know what happened to the American company GE which promised to built electricity generation units and the Hwange units have been eternally under renovations. Better to decommission the generating units until kingdom come or to put all the sabotaging engineers behind bars.

2 months ago

It's you and your ilk who make us unattractive, period!

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