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"The Pomona Deal Has To Be Stopped" - Mnangagwa Challenger

Sybeth Musengezi, a ZANU PF activist who is popularly known for challenging President Emmerson Mnangagwa‘s ascendancy to power has rallied Harare residents to oppose the Pomona waste-to-energy project saying it is a ploy to milk residents of their money.

The US$344 million Pomona deal is between the City of Harare and Albanian entity Geogenix BV fronted by Dylish Nguwaya, a local businessman.

According to the Harare-Geogenix BV agreement, Harare should pay US$40 per tonne of garbage for the estimated 550 tonnes per day delivery or a damage fee of US$3.5 million.

Analysts say Harare does not have the capacity to deliver 550 tonnes of garbage per day, therefore, the deal was designed to fail which means Geogenix will be paid for doing nothing.

In a Twitter post seen by Pindula News, Musengezi said residents should stop being preoccupied with stupid things and focus. He said:

The Pomona deal has to be stopped. Our leaders and their friends have no shame, vakuda kuba nekumarara kwese. They want to milk Zimbabweans from every angle. However isu vacho ndisu takazungaira (residents are stupid) we spend days posting about zvigunwe nekuromba asi tichibirwa takasvinura.

Harare councillors last week announced the suspension of the deal following public outroar over the deal which is said to be a ploy to fleece the country.

In response to the suspension, the Minister of Local Government and Public Works, July Moyo has said the Pomona Waste to Energy Project “will not be stopped” adding that enough consultations were made and due process followed.

Meanwhile, Geogenix BV has already sent a US$750 000 bill to the Harare City Council after the company drilled a borehole and constructed a four-roomed house at the site.

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mafirakureva JoJo chenjera 3 weeks ago

who is the enemy of the state now......vanhu vatoisa mberi ndivo varikuda kuparadza nyika yese r havo them out ...make them pay back after Zim comes free

Maparamuro 3 weeks ago

Blame the illiterate councillors who approved the deal in the first place and learn to vote for the right people into these councils

Gafa 4 weeks ago

Mwonzora and July iZanu pf ka yese iyi ngazvimiswe very ant citizens

Blue 💙 4 weeks ago



Machiavelli 4 weeks ago

Which Blue is this? Don't sow confusion. Delish and the Mnangagwa clan are the real beneficiaries. July Moyo is the go-between, to lend credence and clout to bulldoze the deal through. Mutizwa ndiye mujibha waJuly Moyo.

So @Blue, don't pass the buck. We are not blind like you. And we are not iDi0ts either.

In Hebrew they call people like you @ Blue 💙 "AGGRAMATOI IDI0TI" (Untutored idi0t)

Zuze 4 weeks ago

Kunyepa. Ndi July Moyo nevana vaMnangagwa


hakireni 4 weeks ago

ngazvimire izvo Mari iyoyo itenge mishonga muzvipatara hamuna mishonga hama dzangu

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 4 weeks ago

Kana mari inobhadharwa iyo ichazobva kuma residents ngazvivharwe coz ma landloads achaisa bill racho kumaroga rent yacho inenge isingachabhadharike...

Observer 4 weeks ago

If the deal is enforced, the residence should then sell their garbage and not pay for it to be taken away for disposal.

Ginious 3 weeks ago

yaa ipoint much per kg

Tozivepiko 4 weeks ago

Mwari were vanhu Vaya vatanga zvakare. Kuba Mari hombe zvichinzi togatshira marara. No wonder July Moyo aitsigira ma councillors a Mwonzora pakaitwa deal na Nguwaya, Mwonzora na Moyo kuti vauraye City Of Harare.Maonaka ma sanctions e looting are more effective than targeted sanctions the America.

Sekuru waBona 4 weeks ago

apo ataura chokwadi

a sign that this government is anti people and Edith doesn't listen to the people

no comment from Edith on pressing issues all he does is make threats and I'll conceived promises

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