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The Politically Homeless Mustn't Overestimate Their Worth - Magaisa

The Politically Homeless Mustn't Overestimate Their Worth - Magaisa

Alex Tawanda Magaisa, a former Chief of staff in the office of a late former Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai has said “the politically homeless must not overestimate their worth,” remarks that have been viewed as directed at former Minister Jonathan Moyo.

Magaisa, a Law lecturer at Kent University in the United Kingdom, makes the remarks at the backdrop of verbal warfare with Moyo who is currently in exile after the latter suggested how MDC should use the money donated to buy an armoured vehicle for Nelson Chamisa.

In a series of messages posted on Twitter, Magaisa rebuked those defending “the politically homeless”  urging them to “stop it.”

Moyo is allegedly a member of the defunct G40, a ZANU PF faction that fought with Lacoste that was aligned to then Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The members of the G40 faction were scattered in 2017 following the ouster in 2017 of the late founding leader of Zimbabwe, the late Robert Mugabe. Some are now in exile. Pindula News Presents Magaisa’s messages:

We have always stood by the movement. From 1999 we don’t have to tag leaders for approval. We don’t owe them anything & we don’t require their approval. If they lose track we will tell them in a convivial way. We have never hurt them & they know they are dispensable.

The party is the people. That’s why Nelson succeeded Morgan & people approved of him despite the challenges. Those who want to come in & hang on to the leadership are gravely mistaken if they think they can mock the people just because they can blackmail the leadership.

The politically homeless must not overestimate their worth. They must be humble & appreciate the hurt they caused. The system is what it is because of their actions. The human factor. Haikonai kutiudzira zvekuita. You think elite pacts will buy tickets to glory. They won’t.

And you comrades who never stood up to condemn lies, only to stand up to defend known tormentors, please stop it. We work hard to support the cause. They lie & malign & you pretend you don’t see it. Whatever kompromat they have against you, ignore. It doesn’t matter.

In one of his previous Big Saturday Read (BSR) Magaisa defined Kompromat as blackmailing opponents by threatening to or actually exposing private lives they would not have otherwise wished to be in the public domain.

The United Kingdom-based law expert said this is done for bargaining in business and political deals.

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Jombo 4 months ago

Mavekuti 'hakuna kutiudzirai zvekuita' nhasi.........just because he no longer supports you

Two Boy 4 months ago

Lest we forget. While Moyo cannot kill a fly, he drafted draconian laws, one of which is AIPA. What does Moyo stand to gain by financially supporting the 'opposition'.

Jeff 4 months ago

Moyo is in political oblivion. Akashanda pake akapedza akatadza, iyezvino avekungoshorwa nenyika yese

Anonymous 4 months ago

Magaisa is always on point,

Kakistocracy 🤣Muchakaka 4 months ago

VaMagaisa is on point. Political vagabonds like Professor Moyo, Kasukuwere aimbonzi Tyson neuyu muzukuru waBob, ndakanganwa zita rake, must be quiet if they are not humble enough to apologise for the sufferings we t currently going through as Zimbabwean. Madinga iwaya caused it and dai vasna kusvasvangwa vari muno and causing havoc to the opposition. They only see kushata kwemusangano wavo because watandaniswa.
Garai munhango dzenyu munyerere.
MUCHAKAKA nekusuwa kumusha.

Mangisi Muchoni 4 months ago

Kunonzi kuyeuka bako Wanaiwa. Hameno ndiyo here Shona yacho. Gore rino... Rino iri... Vanodei kuvanhu vavaimboti puppets of the West. And now they want to join the winds of change. Nxaa. NHM.

P .Kureya 4 months ago

Taura hako hama yangu.Pliz ma MDC don't seek advice from those guys!

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