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The new Pindula App is out and we think you'll love it! Here's how to download the app

The new Pindula App is out and we think you'll love it! Here's how to download the app

A note from us here at Pindula:

We’re quite excited that we have finally released a fresh new version of the Pindula app

In this version, we fixed a lot of the things you gave us feedback about in the Play store reviews and here on Pindula. Issues like failing to load the news when the network signal is weak, issues of text size.


Better Experience for Itel, Tecno, Gtel users

More importantly, though, the app was revamped so that users on some low-cost smartphones like Itel, Tecno, and GTel, can also have a great experience using the app. The app was not working well on those devices but now it’s super ­čĹî­čĆż


Pindula Market

Looks aside, the new app also shows the Pindula Market more conveniently making it easier for you to browse products and search for them on in the app.


Free to use without data

Those of you that already have the app probably already know this. If you’re using the app on an Econet line, it works even if you don’t have any data. Yes, hard to believe for many people we know, but it’s true. Try it and you’ll see – or just ask a friend who already has the app.


Downloading the Pindula App

You can download the Pindula App on Play store using this link:

We’re also working on making the APK available to download on WhatsApp. We’ll be posting the details shortly, so please check this article again in a day if you’re reading this (remember to refresh it).

As usual, please give us feedback about the app in the comments below or just leave a review in the Play store. We need to keep improving it so you'd be helping us big time.

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