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The Qatar World Cup preparations are estimated to have cost about $220 billion. This could fund Zimbabwe's annual budget for 24 years.

The Qatar World Cup preparations are estimated to have cost about $220 billion. This could fund Zimbabwe's annual budget for 24 years.

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MuShona 2 months ago

Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo

dispenser 2 months ago

hapana zvamurikutaura

Chitova 2 months ago

vanadzo Mari dzeOIL regai vadzishandise havo

C 10 2 months ago

We don’t care how much they spend, you think poverty in the world is a mistake???

It’s not

It’s by design ( South African is run by private people its not a country but a business 🔺👁 woke up

Poppy 2 months ago

Kana uchitii iwewe South Africa haisi nyika Hauna chauri kutaura,, nofanira kungonyarara soo

Poppy 2 months ago

Apa hapana chawakataura 🤣🤣 South Africa yakachinja mapresidents kangani zvaunoti wewe hais nyika

pk 2 months ago

nyaya yacho handiiwoni

John chibadura 2 months ago

Elites will be praying for change while holding billions and billions of money enough to change the world sickness and poverty

@chibadura 2 months ago

Elites don't pray. They do what they want bcoz they have the resources.

John chibadura 2 months ago

So are you telling me if you get resources you stop praying?

Registered Voter 2 months ago

plus they have laws that protect them and tuma forex shell companies. However after workd cup and maybe hosting eorld Olympics and WWE the stadium will be of no use or value. anorn**** ndiani take example of RSA after world cup

@registered voter 2 months ago

google about those stadiums infrastructure, they can be dismentled into pieces and sold to other countries or used for other purposes... the only thing they cannot reuse is the pitch🤣🤣🤣


... 2 months ago

its not a mistake that its one of the richest if not the richest country in the world. let them enjoy their fruits. Angithi lina libusy ngama congress. Stew in poverty Zim.

P 2 months ago

qinisile wena

Asalif 2 months ago

World 🌎🌍 resettion . this means the world is in inflation

Mthwakazi 2 months ago

Zimbabwe nyika yerifa nyika yambuya nehanda ED pfee 2023

Holy ten 2 months ago

USD 220 billion in bound notes i how much

zim¹ 2 months ago

chii Chinonzi bond note?
usatipe stress. ZANU and ED stress us enough as it is

**** for hire 2 months ago

If you are not satisfying your women ****ual tiripo isu varume short time $3 married women ma single $2
Email me mr****

I can come pa home pako and finish basa!! harry harry

pk 2 months ago

bond notes were phased out. we are now using zimbabwean dollars

👑 2 months ago

Isusu tikapiwa $220 haipedze gore inenge yapera, cuz tinovakirwa tall gate ronzi raita $190 billion pogadzirwa sekuru kagavi nachaminuka idol voita 15 billion 😃

Mthuli Ncube 2 months ago

Talking about USD spent in Dubai don’t help us

Let’s talk about power ine bond note right now raramba riri pa 750 thats impressive ma 5 ne ma 10 ne ma 20 rtgs are still valid Bulawayo we are giving you a warning

juru 2 months ago

I'm sorry olive my wife

2 months ago

**** wanzwa

................. 2 months ago

True 😂

Joker🃏 2 months ago

Ko kungotengesera Qatar yacho nyika

txxt 2 months ago

They got true leadership...and they do not corrupt.

This is she 2 months ago

"exensive" pindula hamusi munozonyanya here

2 months ago

Ko yadii Senegal

2 months ago

Soo zimbabwe z budgeting $530 Us per person per year $40 us per month

2 months ago

$1.10 per day

KAWULUKA BINGA 2 months ago

MUJURU, unotema tumuti twawunogona kusenga, ZIMBABWE, atitisi mu competition, kwete tonanaira zvedu sachikamba, tosvika chete,

1 month ago

The truth has been told, even if you're not a politician you know the current situation in Zim

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