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"The Money I Stole From PSMAS Is Too Little"

Presidential spokesperson George Charamba said the public money that he “stole” is nothing compared to what Siphosami Malunga allegedly receives from foreigners for “subversive purposes”.

Malunga is a human rights lawyer and the executive director of the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA).

Charamba was responding to Malunga’s tweet in which he said Zimbabweans citizens should not be treated as criminals for participating in politics. Said Malunga:

It cannot and should not be a crime to participate and engage in the politics of one’s country.

In its quest for a one-party state, ZANU PF has criminalised and punished opposition politics for 42 years.

It has committed genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes to stay in power.

In response using one of his Twitter accounts, @Tinoedzazvimwe1, Charamba accused Malunga of being George Soros’ henchman.

This prompted Malunga to ask Charamba to “bring back” the US$228 000 he “stole” from the Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS). Said Malunga:

Mukoma “George” Charamba! Madzoka. Ndangandakublocka. Dzosai mari yevarwere yamakaba kuPSMAS manesi nemadokota vatambire zvakakwana. $228K inoita zwakawanda.

Charamba then said the PSMAS money he stole is of little value compared to what Malunga gets from Soros. He said:

Ndadzoka; udza George Soros!!! Yandakaba is nothing compared to what you spirit in for subversive purposes. I am sure you can replace it easily, Mr CATPAW!!!! [laughing emojis].

In 2015, a report by The Independent revealed that Charamba received US$228 278 between 2009 and 2013 in board fees and allowances from PSMAS.

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chibhora 1 day ago

ingawani Killer Zivhu nerimwe gore akanyatsotaura kuti imi mose musiri kuba i nhau bedzi yekuti hamuna mukana wacho. Corruption is now a culture in Zimbabwe our motherland.

Advocate 2 days ago

and the have the audacity to come back to the people for vote ....hamheno vanovhotera ZANU vachinyeperwa kut the economy is being sabotaged, hee ma sanctions njani njani...yet Charamba arikutotaura kut ndakaba zvishoma ,waitoda pak ur u.....$228K is nothing to him ,why is he not in prison? ....Voting for ZANU PF is beyond witchcraft ,Nonsense!!

Ggg 2 days ago

It's time to call for sanctions manje. iyi yekutaura akanyatsouya muchati ziii. Rambai muchiidaro

Asalif 2 days ago

these guys ngavatoisa zvavo fuma yavo kunze because records of their corruption and looting spree cases are there we will repossess all the looted riches

AJojo Chalamba 2 days ago

U are the most supercilious political crook in Zimbabwe. Your heart which is as charcoal black as your face reminds me of Chaka The Zulu. You are playing your cards to your chest kuti dayi ikatonga kusvikira wafa coz the multitudes of innocent souls you have hurt is now innumerable. Jojo you are now ranked as the 5th most hated animal from your Principal. We wish you the best of the monies you have stolen let alone the per diem u pocketing every month on your useless itineraries outside the country. God bless you Jojo for your cruelty. And black belt!


ABSA 2 days ago

Iwe mdara kuba kuba $/0.50c kuba

Swagger 2 days ago

I always say this if you belong to zanupf you won't get arrested for fraud and corruption.

Ginious 2 days ago

thats wer the problem is.

Blue💙 2 days ago

Yes now I admit,my Zanu Pf is full of thieves and crooks,sies

Blue 💙 2 days ago

Haana kuba, hanty ma allowances here 😂. An average of $ 4.7K per month in allowances. Is that a lot of money?

Da Truth 2 days ago

Ari right uyo anoganza nekuba anoziva kuti hasungwi uye hasungiki .I Zanupf iyo.

Zuze 2 days ago

Tiudzeiwo kuti ichokwadi here kuti @VYBZ, @Tkt, @Chawabvunza @Blue 💙 vamwechete na@Jamwanda2 paTwitter? = George Charamba?

Blue 💙 2 days ago

Ma allowances. Not pilfering

Da Truth 2 days ago

Keep stealing zvakupera wani Apo padhuze apo

undeniable 2 days ago

undeniable 🤣🤣🤣

VYBZ KARTEL 2 days ago

Mbavha imbavha worse woda kuvhaira kuti wakaba nyangwe dhora chairo unofanira kusungwa hazvina basa kuti uri my urumende

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