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The Law Society Of Zimbabwe Is Crafting A Sexual Harassment Policy

The Law Society Of Zimbabwe Is Crafting A Sexual Harassment Policy

The Law Society of Zimbabwe is crafting a sexual harassment policy amid reports of sexual harassment in government departments and also in the private sector, with women being the main victims of sexual predators.

Nikiwe Ncube Tshabalala, Law Society of Zimbabwe councillor said crafting a sexual harassment policy is very important considering that no one is immune from the vice.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights executive director, Roselyn Hanzi echoed Tshabalala’s remarks:

There is a need to have sexual harassment policies in organisations because people be it male or females are undergoing sexual harassment, but there is no clear way as to how one deals with such a situation. So, having such a policy will help redress the challenge.

ZBC News cites lawyer, Phyllis Mudekwa as saying it is necessary to have a guild line concerning how to handle sexual harassment in the workspace. Mudekwa added:

So in the private sector, it is also important to craft sexual harassment policies.

The Government approved the Zimbabwe Public Sexual Harassment Policy in April this year as part of measures to ensure the “protection of the dignity of workers in the public service and maximum work productivity for efficient and effective service delivery”.

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2030 1 week ago

Kkkkk ehoo mazimbabwens hoyo mu gvmnt ndomane abuse saka toti kudii

Sorojena 1 week ago

Sexual harrašment is a vice commited mostly by powerful people in govt and is often swept under the carpet and victims would be subjected to retributions that involve being fired from work.

Chikumba 1 week ago

Susan Mutami goes silent, as ED attends UNGA; Chihuri claims she was hired to tarnish gvt officials image
Australia-based Zimbabwean lady Susan Mutami, who accuses President Emmerson Mnangagwa of raping her as a minor, has gone silent, after announcing she had been invited to the United Nations to address women and child abuse issues.

It was highly anticipated she would use the platform to raise the issue of her alleged ****ual abuse by President Mnangagwa, whom she has already reported to police there in Australia where she is based.

“I just wanted to let u know that I’ve been invited to speak at the @UN this year in New York, Category Women and Child Abuse and also @Chiefsvosve1 pro-democracy workshop, UN protests and to be one of the key note speakers,” she wrote on 22 August on Twitter.

Mutami had made sensational claims of having bedded several government officials including former foreign affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo.

However, former commissioner general of the Zimbabwe Republic Police, Augustine Chihuri says Mutami was hired to tarnish the image of senior government officials.

“Cdes never allow @UNWomenWatch to get away with murder here. Several Zim women were trafficked to the Middle East as slaves but UN ignored such heinous crimes.

“Now they hire @mutami_susan to smear Gvt officials.

“Whose birth certificate is this? Where does my friend SB come in?” Said Chihuri posting a birth certificate supposedly belonging to Mutami.


kk 1 week ago

vaSusan kutodawo kuita ma celebrity uku

Chipoko chaQueen 1 week ago

Haiwawo svigwai imi munyerere
Ungatsvage basa muhurumende iwo maboss acho uchiziya kuty aitsotsa stonyeni yaSusan kachiri kanhiyo 🐥

They keep quiet and talk after termination 1 week ago


Sorojena 1 week ago

Let's hope it's not a paid silence. Such blackmails come with big bucks.

I 1 week ago

For a moment i ndanga ndaona kunge wanyora kuti d.i.c.ks but ndazoona bucks. Haa ndaseka😂😂😂


Constable 1 week ago

This is a good thing, kwedu kubasa it goes beyond ****ual harassment. A few days ago makaiona ka nyaya yema recruits akaita positive ku pregnancy test. What more ma female officer atinoshanda naye ari one or two pa male dominated section

Ini 1 week ago

The Witchcraft Suppression Act
should also be reviewed. We can't get much ahead in being a next level society as it is. Can't agree on the Bible in the constitution and yet deny its vital aspects

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