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The Job Sikhala And Godfrey Sithole Fundraiser Surpasses Target

The Job Sikhala And Godfrey Sithole Fundraiser Surpasses Target

A fundraiser launched for detained Job Sikhala and Godfrey Sithole has surpassed the targeted £6 000. The initiative was launched on the 2nd of August and as of 21:55 on Sunday 14 August 2022, £6 011 had been raised by 45 people.

The fundraising initiative was initiated by Estelle Adams-Stone who says the money will be used for the welfare of the duo’s families while the legislators are in detention.

Sikhala, Sithole and colleagues were arrested in June over the 14 June violence that erupted in Nyatsime during the funeral wake of slain CCC activist Moreblessing Ali. They deny the charges. 

They have been in jail since then with the Magistrates and High Court denying them bail.

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I would like to thank Estelle Adam Stone for launching this noble initiative. I would would have done nothing if I fail to mention 45 citizens who have contributed so far.

Let me humbly remind the organisers that citizens shall be happy if the money is used for its intended cause.

[ I urge citizens to register and vote CCC FOR REAL CHANGE ].


Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Murevi Wechokwadi 1 month ago

Ana sonboi hamubvi pa pindula ka,

ZIMBA🇿🇼Original 1 month ago

CCC is a money project enriching the big names only and nothing can be done if an ordinary citizen fell in the hands of the crocodile

Chinyanyanya Dhenyenye 1 month ago

zvamakaba ma resources enyika haisi money money enriching project ye the Zanu Elite here

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Since you are so interested @Zimba..., why don't you start your own fundraising campaign for your target group. And please let us know how much you personally contribute.

Tkt 1 month ago

Nothing anew from you ☝, next yisibakera phez'komuntu

Pragonintellectie.... 1 month ago

That's a great idea but my question and worry goes to those ordinary CCC members who were arrested together with Jobho and Sithole that only MPs are benefiting from the initiative,them are languishing in poverty.We have eyes but we can't see

pafeya 1 month ago

izvi hazvimbodi kutukana izvi, they only care about the elites,vanemari vacho
ko vamwe vakavharirwaavasui vanhu here,Havana mhuri
ndaona history yazvidzokorora

Ginious 1 month ago

Thats my major worry also.i think they should have given priority to those guys that wer arrested together with Job and Godhi.Why you are neglecting those guys ,do the right thing and we will vote for you kwete zvakadhakwa zvamakuita izvi.i dont think Job likes that he is a man of the people dzidzai paari

@Pragonintellectie 1 month ago

vaitire iwewe da-ko iwe don't utter ****

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Thank you for your concern.
Why don't start your own for those you think need help.

g 1 month ago

that money should be distributed equally amoung all the detainees as poverty has no boundaries. vana wiwa vatori nani kuti mamp and vane mabusiness saka musakanwe mhuri dzevamwe vasungwa avo

Zuze 1 month ago

Iwe wave kuda kugovera mari yatsvagwa nevamwe, ko wadii kubvisa yako muhomwe upe vaunofunga kuti ndivo vskakodzera.

Kana usina kutsvaga mari, nyarara


captain 1 month ago

ko imi munongomirora kuita ma teacher nekutaurisa pa Mari dzatsvagwa neumwe. makafanana ne ma**** mu class anomirira mumwe kuti ape decision apa decision u start to analyze and criticize idea yake iwe wozobvunzwa kuti unei woonekwa hauna chaunacho wonzi tipewo mafungiro ako wwonzwa ziii . Saka let's say thump up ku effort yaiswa neumwe . vekuhukura shut up don't comment kana usina chekutaura

gabarinocheka 1 month ago

vana Sikhala vane mari avo,ko iyo mhuri ya Moreblessing tacho mavapeyi

Job Sikhala 1 month ago

@captain musuri wamai vako wanzwa uri **** mpfanha

factos 1 month ago

there's no good thing in the eyes of poor Zimbabweans. A job well done by well wishers still get criticised. i urge those who think they are good at analysing things be good too for charity works. Why can't you open your own gofund campaign for other deterned citizens linguishing in jail with Wiwa?

A person on the topic always get the highlight than just a person.

So what am saying is that, it doesn't matter if the writer of the article only pinpointed Wiwa because its obviously the two people who are on the question.

just imagine if they say the name "mapuran****a", perhaps on of the prisoners, will you be able to understand the subject?

dck 1 month ago

odinga dhii negotsi ini zvangu ziii

Zanu 1 month ago

Vapei vari marimomo, kusvika vatogwa, pasi nemhandu

g 1 month ago

kune varikuzviita maclass monitor emacomments papindula. the Reason why we are fighting z pf is because vakuru ndovarikudya Vega. now all those people who are saying Mari ndeye 2 mamp ayo ega, hamusi kuona here kuti mukugadzira same system yatiri kurwa nayo by creating an elite group remapoliticians rinodya rega vamwe vakaoma muromo. who do you think is living a better life family yawiwa nedze 13 avo. food for thought

Job Sikhala 1 month ago

so CCC people we don't want complains yekuti zvinhu zvakaoma munyika imi muchikwanisa kupa madonations zvitori boe zvakadai ,mnhu anopa complain ndeasitori kwete you motombopa henyu madonations so zvinhu zviri boe famba famba famba ED Pfee

Maparamuro 1 month ago

What about the other 13 arrested on the same case? Job and Godfrey were not alone. If the money if not given to all affected people it can cause division as it will give the impression that only leaders matter, supporters can go to hell.

Patriot 1 month ago

Let's start preparing for another one kunana November uko coz they'll still be mukati 🤣😂

Our zim 1 month ago

Zviya mhuri yekwa Moreblessing Ali makaita fundraising here yemarii

Zvazoitika 1 month ago

Meanwhile Mu ODinga shamwari ya Kamisa has been floored by Ruto in the Kenyan elections.

ZEC 1 month ago

Ko Chamisa ne CCC se party hapana fundraising yaingaitewo here..nema millions of supporters ane party ese awo..paeikutadzwa ipapo

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