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The Anglican Church Of England Refuses To Allow Gay Marriages

The Anglican Church Of England Refuses To Allow Gay Marriages

A Church of England statement today has said it will uphold its position that marriage is only between a man and a woman and would not let same-sex couples wed in its churches.

The development follows the Church of England’s six-year consultation on sexuality and marriage, among other topics. The proposals were developed by bishops, who make up one of three parts of the church’s governing body known as the General Synod. They will be presented to the General Synod at a meeting next month.

The Church of England is the mother church of the international Anglican churches which includes more than 85 million people in more than 165 nations. These include the Anglican in Zimbabwe and its followers.

The statement confirmed a BBC story from the previous night that bishops had declined to endorse a change in teaching to permit priests to marry homosexual couples. “Same-sex couples would still not be permitted to get married in a Church of England church,” the statement added.

According to announced proposals, same-sex couples who get legally married can attend a religious service where there will be “prayers of dedication, appreciation, or for God’s blessing on the pair.” In 2013, Britain legalized gay marriage.

Said Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

“I am under no illusions that what we are proposing today will appear to go too far for some and not nearly far enough for others, but it is my hope that what we have agreed will be received in a spirit of generosity, seeking the common good” 

Meanwhile, according to the statement, the Church of England bishops will be issuing an apology later this week to gay people for the “rejection, exclusion, and hostility” they have faced in churches.

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Mike 2 weeks ago


mina 2 weeks ago

stabane hayi bahambe bayemdidi khatshana le

Siyoyo 2 weeks ago

I hurt gays for no reason and I'm happy for their ban

Big Dhara Munhu Mukuru 2 weeks ago

Its a wicked spirit kuda same **** relationship or marriage, zvinotoda kuti munhu anamate in the name Jesus kuzviramba. Imagine guys kuAmerica ga couples are adopting kids or having surrogate mothers give birth to their children. Its bad, takurarama munguva yekunatsoti tipinde mu Perfect Will yaLord Jesus. The way God designed men and women zvinopindirana even our **** organs. Zve LGBtQ is a dark and evil thing that can removed by the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus

Android fan 2 weeks ago

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple that you love with all your hearts is gay and is married to his husband. They have a son together

Big Dhara Munhu Mukuru 2 weeks ago

But then what happens when he dies, there is heaven and hell. He has to receive Jesus, he is the way the truth and the life. Here on earth the can be th3 CEO of Apple but in th Lord' eyes who is he? Remember the parable of the Rich fool

ndiri murume akunawo umwe 2 weeks ago

murume anondidawo here love back my man


me 2 weeks ago

yeah nhubu hadzidikwi

Jim 2 weeks ago

mapedza masports

Boom Bye Bye 2 weeks ago

It's an abomination !
God forbid!

Andrew Tate 2 weeks ago

Gays are disgusting 🤮

Ini zvangu 2 weeks ago

Where is Kunonga, who pretended to hate gays like Bob, yet it was a smokescreen to loot Church assets

lgbt 2 weeks ago

haa ma gays anokutadzireyi nhai gentlemen, instead of hating Zanu pf and ED sika sika nevanhu varikutozvitamburirawo mu economy yakaoma kudai. If they are attracted to same séx its their own fish to fry, siyai vanhu vaite zvavanoda, munobveyi. Imi zvamunoita fornication, adultery, taking and giving bribes, killing, telling lies munotyora all the ten commandments, sika sika nemunhu atadza mutemo one... dont judge

2 weeks ago

The late Morgan Tsvangirai said it's a human right,nxaaa.Ccc yenyu iyi ika hwinha icha kuunzirai same **** marriage sezvavakamboedza kuita palast amendment of the Constitution.

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