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"That's How Itai Dzamara Disappeared" - Responses To Gomba Disappearance

Zimbabweans have expressed concern over the alleged abduction of former Harare Mayor Herbert Gomba on Saturday.

Gomba who is Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) council candidate for Glen Norah is still uncounted for.

Renowned author, Tsitsi Dangarembga, asked Amnesty International Zimbabwe, a human rights organisation if they heard that “Mayor Gomba is missing?” Dangarembga also asked the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP):

Mayor Gomba is still missing. @PoliceZimbabwe, what have you done to find him?

One Brian Chandi said the missing journalist, Itai Damara who was allegedly kidnapped in 2015, disappeared in a similar fashion. Said Chandi:

I’m worried that we aren’t doing enough to find him, this is how Itai Dzamara disappeared and up to now we still have no idea what happened to him. @nelsonchamisa please let’s do more to Find Mayor Gomba and protect our people.

On Sunday, the opposition Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) led by Nelson Chamisa, said Gomba was still missing. Said the party:

Mayor Herbert Gomba is still unaccounted for. Law & Order says that he is NOT at Harare Central. He is NOT at Milton Park, Hillside, Rhodesville, Highfields, Mbare & Southerton Police Stations but he’s not there. RETWEET UNTIL HE IS FOUND! #HerbertGomba


1). It is alleged that a group of men went to his home looking for him and two of the man told his security team that they were from the Criminal Investigations Department. 

2). The unknown men who were driving 3 unregistered white Isuzu vehicles reportedly stormed Gomba’s home in Glen Norah C at around 14:30hrs and took him.

3). The CCC suspects the assailants are state security agents.

4). The government has in the past dismissed the alleged abductions as staged to soil its image or there was a “third force” also working to tarnish the government’s image.

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》》》 5 months ago

Vybes kartel, how do you support a regime which does this?

Tkt 5 months ago

😂 😂 😂 some people ndazobvuma. Rega zvinzi kana wafunga kudya **** wotodya iri hono, all your heart mdara ihhhh

Vybz Kartel 5 months ago

With all my heart PAMBERI NE ZANU PF♥️

Zvadhakwa 5 months ago

Matororo ezanu ndomaitiro awo akaona kuti tiri kudyiwa paElection iri kuuya. Vanoda kunyaradza opposition thru intimidation and abductions. Shato haitambirwe pedyo nayo inokumonera ukafa. Pliz beware of this evil creature called zanu, ed, guveya, nezvima youth zvavo zvakarova mutoriro. Go to hell

Chahototo 5 months ago

haaa kupiko hamuzive skiri revanhu ve CCC kutiza mhosva dzavo dze corruption, pamwe atova kuchando so. anoziva kuti akadhaikwa zvinongonzi I Zanu Pf. who in his right mind would abduct Gomba, ane basa rei munhu akapera zvake.

King 5 months ago

ko Dzamara akanyangariswa aiva nebasa rei? evil to the core, rotten to the center.

Ed 5 months ago

Zi**** rako

ziSuper reBlue 5 months ago

The abductors A.K.A government

Gamba 5 months ago

did they make police report

Nkust 5 months ago

We will petition putin on this one kana tichiti ma human rights ndizvo zvatoreva


ngorima mushava 5 months ago

isn't Gomba in police custody ,had he was arrested for burning someone's vehicle....

Sir tindo 5 months ago

Imi vanhu Ava avana security her pavanofamba av bcz ummm zuro uno ndi mahere apa uyu politics makaita dzekubatira padenga dzinokuitisai

Kodzo 5 months ago

Why did they planned to arrest him now?
Where was he all along?
Was he on a run?
This is pure politics.
Let the court decides.
After elections,iam sure he will be released.
But still CCC will never put their hands in their pockets on this. Someone will cover the gap because the people just want a change not a person on which whoever will be appointed to cover the gap will be the people's choice

Vybz Kartel 5 months ago

Dangarembwa munhu wako awanikwa afta maita noise isina basa rese did you care to look at the dog impound that's where he is to answer to corruption charges

Vybz Kartel 5 months ago

Dangarembwa munhu wako awanikwa afta maita noise isina basa rese did you care to look at the dog impound that's where he is to answer to corruption charges

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