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Thabani Mpofu Urges Stakeholders To Assist Civil Servants With Postal Voting

Thabani Mpofu Urges Stakeholders To Assist Civil Servants With Postal Voting

Zimbabwean lawyer, Advocate Thabani Mpofu who is popularly known for representing Nelson Chamisa and the MDC Alliance in a 2018  presidential election dispute says relevant stakeholders must assist civil servants with the postal voting process.

He said many of them will be manning polls and might fail to “choose their government” hence the need to assist them. He said:

Postal voting s71-80 Electoral Act

In 2018, more than 40 000 teachers were disenfranchised because they were engaged by ZEC as electoral officers outside their constituencies. s72 provides that electoral officers can vote beforehand by postal vote.

An application for a postal vote must be made to the Chief Elections Officer and must be made no later than noon on the 14th day after nomination day.

Postal voting is relatively safe and must be encouraged. In addition, the integrity of the vote is protected. Critically, it is the only way by which the bulk of civil servants can participate in the electoral process as players and not as mere umpires.

My plea is for the relevant NGOs to specifically target civil servants and help them with this process. Those that will participate in the elections as electoral officers must be allowed to vote beforehand. Civil servants must also choose their government.

Section 75 of the Electoral Act stipulates that postal voting is done secretly not in the presence of any person.

Section 72 of the Electoral Act notes that security officers who will be performing security duties in other provinces which are not their normal workstations can exercise their right to vote through the postal ballot system.

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Chris 2 months ago

Today the news is boring 😁

DaCool 2 months ago

For sure😂😂😂

Reporter 2 months ago

Be patient.... something very exciting is about to be revealed. 😂

OG 2 months ago

Goodmove Mpofu☝️☝️☝️

Help 2 months ago

@ Chris majaira kutukana zvinyadzi manje nhasi dololo.Nokubirana mazita.

tete 2 months ago

imbomuzorodza, kwete kungoti lula lula every night

Dietician 2 months ago

Remove beans from the family diet.Tengera mhuri yako nyama.

Chris 2 months ago

Yeah @Help and my wife she farts a lot in bed

Chegotsi Brigade 2 months ago

Sure news dzavekuita shoma. Pane angaitawo a list of politicians who didnt sleep with Susan Mutami? And we want to know why they didn't.

poorvho 2 months ago

oprah muchinguri kashiri, I dont why


Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

Yah true, news dzakaneta nhasi 😂

Digitalize 2 months ago

ZEC must create a digital platform where we can cast our votes even from the comfort of our homes and work places.

That might also help those people who have our votes to do it even when manning the polls.

Cvc 2 months ago

Mavote ahabetsere chinhu coz maresults a 23 tanao kwasara kuuya takamaisa muhomwe yours zanu pf .

Maparamuro 2 months ago

It's their choice, money or vote, they are not forced to go if posted away from their constituencies, they go and forfeit the vote in exchange for money.

All poor people are treated the same, majority in rural areas vote for small quantities of food, seed, Fertilisers etc, some opposition voters and agents can also exchange their votes for money not only at grassroots but even high up the hierarchy, how do we explain failure to deploy election agents to all polling stations by the major opposition parties.

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