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Tesla And Twitter CEO Elon Musk Loses US$200 Billion

Tesla And Twitter CEO Elon Musk Loses US$200 Billion

The Tesla Inc. chief executive officer, Elon Musk, has become the only person in history to ever lose $200 billion from their net worth.

Musk’s wealth plummetted to $137 billion after Tesla shares tumbled in recent weeks, including an 11% drop on Tuesday, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

His fortune peaked at $340 billion on November 4, 2021, and he remained the world’s richest person until he was overtaken this month by Bernard Arnault, the French tycoon behind luxury-goods powerhouse LVMH.

The round-number milestone reflects just how high Musk (51) soared during the run-up in asset prices during the easy-money pandemic era.

Tesla exceeded a $1 trillion market value for the first time in October 2021, joining the likes of global technology companies Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp., Inc. and Google parent Alphabet Inc.

Now Tesla’s dominance in electric cars is in jeopardy as competitors catch up. Competitors include Ford, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Hyundai, GM, Volkswagen, Honda, and Nissan.

Tesla shares fell 65% in 2022 and Musk sold so much in 2022 to help cover his Twitter purchase.

Musk’s stake in his closely held Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) is at $44.8 billion (42.2% of SpaceX), according to a recent filing.

In response to the decline of his fortune, Musk told Tesla employees that they should “not be too bothered by stock market craziness.”

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screw driver 3 weeks ago

varume ava vane bag havo kwete vedu avo vekungoti pasi nemhandu kkkkkkkk hapana zvinozikamwa paye

hey why politicize 3 weeks ago

everything?is your life hurting that much?@screwdriver

Boss Vedah 3 weeks ago

@ screw driver wandinakidza nekaStatement ako: hapana chozikanwa paye kkkkkkkkkkkk

Oppressed 3 weeks ago

They are trying to reach that levels on taxpayers money and they are failing dismally.

Vesto 3 weeks ago

@oppressed, yes they are failing but in the process impoverishing us the povo, and consigning us to the dust bin of poverty

SeeSee 3 weeks ago

Vamwe vanoita mari nekusimudza chibhakera kkkkkk

nostro vostro 3 weeks ago

ndiregererewo ndingoriwo rombe risina charinoziva 😭😭😭😭😭

LOL 3 weeks ago


Tintin 3 weeks ago

the richest man in the world is Bill Gates... won't let go of the greatest piece information i gathered in primary school 😂😂😂

jeee 3 weeks ago

kare hagari Ari kare kkkk

Headgirl 3 weeks ago

Changes every now and then. This is not Mickey Mouse Zimbabwe Stock Exchange

MILTON MUSK 3 weeks ago

USD 200. BILLION isn't a big problem to my father (Elon Musk) 😎😎

black_swann 3 weeks ago

🤣🤣tell them bro our father is still rich despite

bobo 3 weeks ago

haaa maone

Ethan Musk 3 weeks ago

We have something loading don't worry we will bounce back to 600B before the 1st half of this year ends


Trent 3 weeks ago

This guy can pay off Zimbabwe s debts to the IMF and World bank just like tht. Stinking wealthy not like these thieves in ZANU most of then fail in business as soon as they leave ZANU. They are not genuine businesspeople they depend on Tenders from gvt and illegal activities

pk 3 weeks ago

money on paper kuidya chaiko inotomunetsa nekuti enenge ari paserious surveillance.

Vesto 3 weeks ago

@pk, Elon Musk & Co. live in civilised societies. It isn't like a Banana Republic such as a Teapot-shaped country we know that is ruled by insecure geriatrics who are bent on putting under surveillance any and all citizens.

Wchemel 3 weeks ago

I almost lost twice as much as that amount last year,it was a tough year indeed

3 weeks ago


3 weeks ago

Ndopaunoona kasaskamu kanozviti prophet kachiti pwetere pwetere ndine Mari ava ndovarume vane mari vasinganyeperi vanhu nekutaura ndimi dzeku ma ma

Emmerson Constatino Mugabe 3 weeks ago

Haa imari shoma iyo.I lost 23 Trillion Zimbabwean dollars in 2008

3 weeks ago

Kkkkkkk I remember I had zillions.

3 weeks ago

Well Elon is something else Im sure he will go back on top of the list again

"""" 3 weeks ago

Stale news

Patriot 3 weeks ago

ma Capitalists ipai Africa mari idzi vana vevatema vasatambure.

entitlement mentality the 3 weeks ago

death of africa

3 weeks ago

Mari dzipi dzamunoda kupihwa imi ana patriot nxaaa ,zim izvozvi iri ku exporter raw lithium, platinum irikungobuda , toothpick chaiyo senyika hatikwanise kuigadzira totoita import ,spare us the nonsense and crap that u are being fed by zpf.

PVC 3 weeks ago

@tintin do you understand the word naive

Alton 3 weeks ago

@ PVC that ? should be poised to you?you are naive

3 weeks ago

Elon Musk is richer than Zim, Zim hatisi toita budget re less than us$5 billion ?. This man should just offer to buy Zimbabwe and we become ma Muskians kkkkk.

Tintin 3 weeks ago

that's a naive way of looking at the wealth of nations in contradiction to the wealth of individuals.🤔🤔🤔

Prunner 3 weeks ago

This is ridiculous

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

@noname please don't say it too loudly, ED could just sell Zimbabwe to Elon Musk.

For someone who has just sold Zimbabwean voting rights at the United Nations for a Helicopter and Two Ambulances from Russia. we could find ourselves sold to Elon Musk.

Vakuru veZANU havasi vekutemba ava. Tinotengeswa tikaita Musk slaves just like we are Chinese slaves right now.

@ Tintin 3 weeks ago

this country is worth trillions in untapped mineral resources not to mention are right to call the assessment naive.u are intelligent my man👏👏👏 keep it up

Ethan musk 3 weeks ago

Ma sanctions

Jenet J 3 weeks ago

Do not be too bothered by this stock market craziness.

Vesto 3 weeks ago

Zviri kuitika zvikaramba zvichiitika, pane zvichaitika.

Don't worry, with the way Zimbabwean currency is going, every Zimbabwean will overtake Elon Musk by end of 2023. By then every Zimbabwean will be worth Quintllions, just like 2008. After that, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe will remove 20 zeroes, so everyone will lose at least 20 Quadrillions (20 Quads), surpassing Elon Musk's loss of a mere 200 billion.

Mabasa eZANU iwayo!!!!

Mbinga Chaidzo 3 weeks ago

Musk Elon,Sir Richard Brenson,Bill Gates team rorema iri gana tazogara.kwete zvana Panganai Javva

Progressive Citizen 3 weeks ago

Kuno tiri kukwangwaya shuwa our national budget seats at 6.5 billion, a huge chunk tichitemba yema taxes kkk zvakaoma, a population of over 17 000 000,,

Ali Tinasheba albamohamed 3 weeks ago

Anoitaka Mari yekubaya mikoshho yemachinda nana Biden
That's satanic

WebMaster 3 weeks ago

pindula , thanx 4 the platform.
Please consider these proposals:
(a) periodically update the news headlines
(b) reflect the most read/liked article
(c) display subscriber numbers
(d) update news categories

Jeremiah Mafirakureva 3 weeks ago

Good article this.
reminds me of our naive belief in the gospel of prosperity and miracle money ...

Guka 3 weeks ago


Tateguru vashe 1 week ago

Tesla and Twitter 😭😭😭😭😭

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