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TEO Events Speaks On Allegations Of Stealing Money At Greatman's Wedding

TEO Events Speaks On Allegations Of Stealing Money At Greatman's Wedding

TEO Events, an events planner that organised the wedding of musician Tongai Greatman Gwaze and his wife Silibaziso Masara, has challenged the musician’s family to a debate over allegations that TEO Events abused funds at the wedding.

This comes after Greatman told the media that a service provider approached him demanding US$2 500 for the services provided at the wedding. He told The Sunday Mail:

They monopolized everything! TEO directed all cash donations to their bank accounts and mobile numbers for mobile money transfers. Goods were received on our behalf. We got nothing.

What is surprising though is that there are service providers that are yet to be paid. I am said to be in arrears of more than US$2 500. However, I know cash donations that came through on the day and before could have easily settled the debts.

Meanwhile, Matthew Mhembere of TEO Events said Greatman and his family were being ungrateful adding that it was not his responsibility to meet their debts. He said he had blocked communications channels with Greatman’s family. He said on Facebook:

Morning family, morning Zimbweeeee after I woke up this morning ndichiona nyaya MU Sunday mail of us being accused nana Greatman kunzi takaba ma funds, I’m in tears kuti Lord do we deserve this ….

I’m doing a live today making my statement, ndanga ndakanyarara pose APA coz ndaiti its social media but now that they are kuma newspapers I need to respond, and I’m challenging Greatman and his family to a live talk to any page re any celebrity rine following yakakura Vs us TEO Events and make things clear, this is bad and to make matters worse hakuna kana 1 anogona kunzwa side of my storry bt kungomuka nekuona nyaya mu newspaper.

Some who responded to TEO Events’ post said the events planner gave the musician the impression that all costs were catered for, therefore, it should be surprising to hear of a debt. One Sindiso Bandura said:

I’m personally grateful you helped Greatman, but according to the story we read, Greatman akuti akubvunzwa chikwereti che2500 USD. If Greatman is in debt after apromiswa kuti it’s going to be free then it’s unfair. That’s why pakuda understanding yekuti dzimwe mari dzemadonations dzakaendepi. I don’t think Greatman is ungrateful but he needs answers so that he will be able to settle his debts. You were indeed kind but there is nothing wrong kuda kubvunzisisa mari yakaendepi coz they are in debt.

Another one said the public was also given the impression that everything is free, and all the donations should have gone to Greatman’s Bank accounts and EcoCash.

Others suggested that the events planner must be transparent and reveal how it used the money that was donated towards the wedding.

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Abdul karim 3 months ago

was this a wedding or just a money making gimmick ???????

Chikws 3 months ago

Dai makagara marega kubatsira pane kunyepera kunge mune tsitsi

zimboy 3 months ago

save us the social media drama and settle ur differences in private weduwe.

Gaza 3 months ago

Hapadi live talk at any celebrity page just meet and settle your differences why need social to settle things for you. Imi sema event planner itai zvinhu zvenyu clear

chikiti.. musavengana 3 months ago

musafa maka chenesa munhu pa mari ...even the so called man of God never trust them when it comes to money issues pliz

Fortune Muchuchuti 3 months ago

The events planner must come out clean, and needs to explain about the $2500.

🙄 3 months ago

Haaaaewaaaaaa dude chingobuditsa V11 remari dzamakagashira nekuti dzakashandei: Save us the debate nonsense. Mabhuku penengu. Vanoziva Gaunzi vatomba nemakurukureta zvopera izvo. Aiiii.

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