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Telecel Zimbabwe Introduces Free 30 Minutes Talk

Telecel Zimbabwe Introduces Free 30 Minutes Talk

Telecel Zimbabwe has rewarded its loyal customers with 30 free call minutes every morning between 6 am and 8 am.

The country’s smallest mobile network operator (MNO) sent a text message to all its customers on 18 February 2022 that said:

Enjoy FREE 30 mins Telecel to Telecel talk-time between 6 am to 8 am every day on Telecel Go. Ts and C’s Apply.

In earlier texts to its customers, Telecel Zimbabwe had announced the promotion, called MaMinutes eMonaz. It said:

To our loyal subscribers, you will be awarded 30 minutes of free Telecel to Telecel voice calls in the next coming days.

Hurry up and get calling for free, so Go ahead and tell someone with your MaMinutes eMonaz! T&C applies.

Telecel’s Chief Executive Officer, Angeline Vere, said:

In this month of showing each other love and kindness, we give you 30 minutes of free Telecel to Telecel voice calls.

Whether you want to make a business call, talk to family or just for the sake of calling, Telecel gives you 30 minutes of free talk time.

Under the MaMinutes eMonaz promotion, Telecel subscribers will be awarded 30 on-net minutes (Telecel-to-Telecel) every day from 12 February 2022 to 22 February 2022.

The free minutes will be available between 6 am and 8 am every day.

Only prepaid customers are the beneficiaries of this programme and the MaMinutes eMonaz will not accumulate, meaning that if you don’t use them, you’ll lose them.

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7 months ago

chikiti.. musavengana 7 months ago

hazvina kana basa izvo ... tongoshandisa buddie inotiponza pa pindula zvisina limit

alouis chiguware 7 months ago

increase busters please

Skhumba 7 months ago

Indigenous is 💯% right. Vuma ukuqondiswa

🤨🤨 7 months ago

@indgenous chero waziva kti anga atii uri ticha wepano her iwe pfetseke mhani ****

Indigenous Zimbabwean 7 months ago


tafman 7 months ago

ndokupera kwacho uku

Cous.!ꋊ🌬 7 months ago

😒wb boosters

🔥 7 months ago

mozotiudzawo kuti network ye telecel inobata kupi muZimbabwe


Skhumba 7 months ago

The Titanic is about to sink. All my contacts angila muntu ose****sa iTelecel. Akulibambe lingatshoni

BravoCroc 7 months ago

Network dololo. So what's the point.

cute 7 months ago

telecel ndeyekum*** netone yevarimi irlangenane

Godaz 7 months ago

Asi unenge wotomukira kunofonera pabuster everydae

Brain 7 months ago

Pano pinda 5g capital yeku upgrada infrastructure unobuda here apa?

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