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Techzim Provides Business Airtime Top-up Services To Companies, NGOs & Schools

Techzim Provides Business Airtime Top-up Services To Companies, NGOs & Schools


Businesses and NGOs in Zimbabwe are increasingly resorting to Techzim’s Business Airtime services to manage top-ups for their employees and partners. This is especially the case for organizations that have people doing field projects.

Before now, many organisations found it hard to manage or automate staff business airtime top-ups. Some NGOs working with people in communities topped up their airtime manually. This would take up too much time and was also error-prone.

The Techzim Business Airtime services allow topping up airtime with just one transaction taking away the burden of manually topping up each number.

Said a Techzim representative:

We have several companies & NGOs now that use our services to topup and manage their employee’s airtime. Essentially, we help them manage their business airtime via a self-service portal. They can send airtime to as many as 500 recipients in one transaction.

The airtime can be sent across networks (Econet, NetOne, Telecel, Africom, TelOne) at the same time.

What many of these businesses have found convenient is that payments may be done via any means eliminating the problems of amount limits imposed when paying via mobile money.

Some companies they can also do prior arrangement for order processing before payment is even received.

Unlike other methods, Techzim does not charge any extra amounts or extra charges for the airtime transferred through Techzim i.e. if a company is transferring ZWL$100 to say 10 recipients, the total invoice amount they get will be for ZWL$1000.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns when some schools were conducting online lessons, this service was of much interest it enabled both teachers and students to be connected to the internet.

Techzim has an efficient Customer Support team available on a daily basis from 7 am to 11 pm – this includes weekends and public holidays.

They may be contacted on Whatsapp number 0715068543 or email on

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